Painting Time: Applying the paint

Hey Guys,

We all know how messy painting can be when someone is not paying attention, or someone happens to have butterfingers.  Here are several rules that everyone can use when painting!

  1. Watch where you are stepping!
  2. Do not jump around! You will waste time.  If you start cutting in finish cutting in! If you started rolling finish rolling. Starting and stopping is the worst thing that can happen with painting.
  3. Do not let your paint brushes or rollers sit with paint on them. Either wrap them in plastic, or clean them.  
  4. Watch where you are stepping

Cutting In!

Lets go ahead and start applying the paint.  Most people will start to just roll a wall but we do not want to start there.  Always start with cutting in, or painting the edges, corners, and other areas too small for paint rollers to access.  This is very important step as it ensure you dont get paint on light fixtures and baseboards, and other areas with rollers that will make a huge mess.  It is very important to always apply two coats when cutting in.  Most people always try to get away with only one but later find out they need to apply a second coat.  

Lets Get Rolling!

Now it is important to start at one end and work towards the other. Before loading up the roller with more paint it is very important to fade the paint that was just rolled.  Fading the paint is when you go back over it to help blend and remove some of the roller marks so the wall looks consistant.  It is important to not apply to much paint at one time as you can cause runs.  Once dry go ahead and apply a second coat.  Be sure to fade/blend the paint to help remove the roller marks.

Thanks for visiting, and up next cleaning!

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.