Carlton. Building Gratitude.

The fruitful year has come to a close. As grateful words pour out of me, the vision of children meeting Santa Claus warms the heart. Brookfield Properties’ Lynnhaven Mall gave us plenty to do this year and it was worth doing. 1.2 million square feet house the holiday lights area in the center the largest mall in Hampton Roads. We did that! Working from close to open didn’t provide much sleep but it yielded plenty of smiles.

That wasn’t on my mind in years gone by. The study of accounting usually yields… well, accountants. But heck, my team is building things—things that matter. Aesop said, “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” Carlton Building is going into 2019 grateful for our noble clients who let us build those “things” we’re so proud of.

We support the battle for good health. Fresenius Kidney Care gave us the chance to do just that in 2018. Our commercial remodeling of the facility was a terrific opportunity to practice our mission to “perfect the art of commercial renovations with minimal disruption.” We left the area better off for infection control, government inspection and frankly, aesthetics.

We value Fresenius and the rest of our outstanding customers. They helped Carlton Building finish our first full year bursting with momentum. Businesses like RMR Group with their ADP building to CBRE drive the local economy. We’re proud to call them partners and offer a hardy congratulations to CBRE as they rebrand to Colliers International.

Speaking of economy, Beach Graphic Pros have nearly doubled theirs since we increased the store footprint. It’s amazing what knocking down a wall or two can accomplish. That’s what it takes for shops who are committed to success. When you stop by the mall to see their work—and ours—check out the holiday lights and let us know if Santa’s enjoying our buildout.

And visit Thalia’s Accessories! No business exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit like a woman taking on her own venture. We built out the space. She took it from there. You know how important accessorizing is (even if we don’t). It’s right near Dillard’s on the first level.

“Live your life and forget your age.” That’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” and something to consider when working on Bay Lake Retirement Home. Our healthcare remodeling there invested in the social strength of our community. Keeping that area clean and attractive while beautifying their dining room gives seniors a happy place to enjoy holiday meals.

If they’re happy, we’re happy. And joy is at the heart of our gratitude as we wish you and yours the finest of holiday seasons.

J.P. Carlton, proprietor

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.