Healthcare Remodeling. Lessons in Respect.

We advocate for seniors. It’s not a political stance. We’re healthcare builders not lobbyists. Yet, Carlton Building is taking a good look at elder care and bringing the cause front and center is part of that initiative.

The U.S. Census Bureau says that by 2035 seniors will outnumber children for the first time in history! That gave us pause. The fiber of the nation may get wiser but it will certainly become frailer. That got the team thinking. “Full disclosure” here — these started out as business thoughts. We’re a business. Opportunity was in the wind.

Infrastructure alone seemed like a venture worthy of pursuing. Home Health Care News predicts the cost of injuries from seniors falling down will exceed $60 billion by next year. Ouch! That’s a scenario that bodes poorly for the older generation and costly for healthcare facilities. Buttressing safety and doing it cleanly was a need worth meeting.

So we embraced a clean construction mandate. “Perfect the art of commercial renovations with minimal disruption.” Our zero-tolerance for dust, noise and odor isn’t exclusive to hospitals and senior centers but it works beautifully with elder-friendly design and remodeling. The business plan is working but an unexpected benefit is surfacing with every project we take on at assisted living facilities.

So we embraced a clean construction mandate. “Perfect the art of commercial renovations with minimal disruption.”

The residents are curious. In our fleeting moments of interaction with the internal community it’s made clear that their safety is important but so are the aesthetics. And they should be. Any generation that landed on the moon and invented the Internet deserves safety coupled with beauty. As builders we’re challenged by their suggestions. A little challenge is a good thing. Respect never goes out of fashion.

We’re also challenged by the staff. They raise the bar. As we get a peek at operations like Bay Lake Retirement and Assisted Living and The Hidenwood Retirement Community it’s clear these are professionals at the top of their game. There are no shortcuts in their approach to quality. We can do no less.

Our mission to be Virginia’s finest healthcare remodelers is yielding a strong business model, yes. But more to the point is our astounding pleasure at making assisted living environments safer, stronger and more appealing.

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JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.