5 Solid Reasons your Healthcare Facility Should Remodel

Remodeling over Moving?

Medical Group Management Association’s “2010 Cost Survey for Single-Specialty Practices” is a key benchmark for non-hospital-owned practices. According to the survey, family practices use a median 2,132 square feet per full-time equivalent (FTE) physician.

Arriving at these numbers is an impressive feat! Hat’s off to the MGMA. But things have changed since 2010. 10,000 Boomers retire daily. They need attention. Urgent care facilities have entered the health-care industry at a vigorous pace. In fact their presence has doubled in the past for years. The U.S. has nearly 9,000 of these facilities driving a large chunk of the industry. It’s an ever-changing environment.

Is your practice changing? Is your facility in need of expansion? If it is you may be asking yourself, “Do we move or remodel?”

It may be tempting to relocate and for some it’s the right move but by and large we favor remodeling. Consider this,

  • Patients associate your services and care with the space in which you provide them. They’re used to the location

  • Often, it’s cost effective to use your existing space efficiently and remodel the office you’re in. Some zones and materials already exist to build on

  • Remodeling is a disruption but moving is too. Working with an experienced healthcare contractor (like us) can ease the pain

    • We can work off-hours minimizing stress on the facility and the patients

    • Keeping the environment clean is already part of a healthcare remodeler’s strategy and that’s important during this process

      • We bring negative air scrubbers to the job in support of less disruption

      • We use Zip Wall a “comprehensive dust barrier solution for construction, remodeling, and renovation”

      • HEPA Vacuums are always on the job with us utilizing an advanced method of limiting dust, dirt and various debris

    • Carlton Building can even finish up with infection control techniques that slow down germs in a big way

  •  If you’re move is to a facility you’re building from scratch remodeling is easier on the carbon footprint

  • If the growth is driven by a desire to have more than one office location it could be prudent to remodel and keep people where they are. Doctors driving from office to office wastes a lot of time. Also, staffing efficiencies are more likely if the team is in one place with one receptionist and one office manager

Expansion is a good thing but there’s a reason they call it “growing pains.” Work with people who specialize in healthcare remodeling. It’s a “safe bet” for positive outcomes and a lot less stress in the end.

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.