Different Types of Construction

Different Types of Construction 

There are many different kinds of construction and there are unique challenges with each of them which is why it is important to work with a construction company that is specialized and experienced in the type of construction project that you need. There are many factors to take into consideration such as what type of building it is and who owns the building, that will all affect the requirements for construction.  

Whenever you begin a new construction project one of the first questions to think about is what type of construction best describes the project. Answering this question first will help to ensure that you are meeting the building standards legally and financially to get the job done right and up to code. 

Residential vs. Commercial

There are several different types of building projects:

  • Healthcare

  • Institutional

  • Agricultural

When it comes to building codes, materials used, and the number of workers required, the type of building is important. However, it is essential to look at the project from multiple points of view. Who owns the building is just as important as what kind of building structure it is. 

Private vs. Government Buildings

The three main building owners that you will deal with are:

  • Privately owned buildings 

  • State-owned buildings 

  • Federally owned buildings 

When starting a construction job it is essential to look at who owns the building as there will be important differences in constructing a state or federally owned building versus a construction project for a private business. Private companies and franchises can include residential, industrial, and office buildings. 

Buildings that are commissioned through state and federal governments include buildings like schools, hospitals, and military bases. Whether the state or the federal government commissions the building project is also an important factor when it comes to the legality and financial aspects of construction. There may be stricter codes to follow when constructing a government-owned building. 

Fire Resistance and Types of Construction 

The types of construction can also be divided into different building construction types in terms of the building elements. 

  • Fire-resistant buildings are made with steel and concrete. These are usually large buildings that are easy to spot because of their height. 

  • Non-combustible buildings are slightly fire-resistant and made with metal floors and roofs. They are less protected in terms of how likely they are to collapse in the case of fire. 

  • Ordinary buildings are made of typical building materials like wood and brick. 

  • Heavy timber construction is made out of wood that meets a certain standard of thickness and size. 

  • Wood-framed buildings have the greatest fire hazard and they are made with non-laminated wood and are more lightweight. 

Why The Building Type Matters

One of the main reasons why the type of construction and who commissions the project is so important is because the laws and codes of construction will vary greatly depending on whether it is privately owned or government-owned. Within the private sector of construction, there can be many opportunities such as for privately owned healthcare clinics, residential housing, and privately owned office buildings.

Carlton Building Services For Different Types of Construction 

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