Renovations: Designs and Ideas for Your Business 

Renovations: Designs and Ideas for Your Business 

Office design has changed much over the past decade. The idea of siloing workers into their own spaces has given way to open-plan offices, which allow workers to collaborate more effectively. If you are thinking of redesigning your office space, consider the following ideas:

Ditch the Cubicles

Many workers are excited about getting away from cubicle culture. Spending all day in in front of a computer in a partitioned space is a recipe for isolated and less productive working conditions. Many jobs and workers require more interaction, and it’s uplifting to be in an open, well-lighted space.

The work culture of today no longer needs workers to be stuck in cubicles with their files and desktop computer systems. More up-to-date workspaces allow everyone to work in an environment with an open plan. Open-plan spaces encourage brainstorming, teamwork, and a sense of camaraderie.

Consider starting your office remodel by getting rid of cubicles. For example, you can instead install bench seating to encourage interaction and collaboration amongst teams.

However, have breakout spaces for when solo focus is needed.


Teamwork is great, but certain tasks require quiet and solitude. Cubicles, unfortunately, are an ineffective design for workers who need to quiet to focus. Breakout spaces are far more effective. Sometimes, productivity is achieved by working away from co-workers.

Breakout spaces can be designed in many ways. They can be anything from a hole in the wall with cushions to a quiet nook. Formal office furniture is not ideal for these spaces. They should be vibrant, comfortable, and informal places to work.

A Modern Take On Meeting Rooms

Open-plan offices help keep energy levels high and encourage interaction. However, one team’s meeting can be a big distraction for another team. Meeting rooms give them a place to interact away from workers involved in other projects. 

Rather than traditional meeting rooms, contemporary designs include private workspaces large enough to accommodate small teams. Youthful and informal decor helps give the meeting areas a modern feel.

Buy the Right Kind of Furniture

Office furnishings should be given some thought. Many employees spend more time at work than at home, so you want to consider ergonomically designed chairs, desks, and tables. Workers suffering back pain or other debilitating conditions face distractions, miss work more often, and have less focus and energy. Ergonomic designs keep them healthy and productive.

Home Office Renovation Ideas

With the COVID-19 outbreak, more workers are performing their job duties from home. While working at the kitchen table may be okay on occasion, homebound workers need to create a formal home office space (which is also tax-deductible).

To create a productive home office, first, create a separate space. This can be done by converting a spare bedroom, garage, or attic into a home office. Next, choose ergonomic furniture. 

Spending all day at a desk takes a toll on our bodies. Ergonomic furniture keeps you healthy. Next, make it professional, especially if you need to meet clients or have Zoom meetings. Finally, make the space pleasant. Bright colors, windows, and plants all make the space more habitable.

Workplace culture changes over time, and office design changes with it. The days of offices and cubicles are gone. Now, companies favor open-plan spaces, which foster collaboration. By eliminating cubicles, and creating break-out spaces and meeting areas, businesses are able to create a more productive environment that meets the demands of today’s work environment. 

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