Flooring Trends That Never Get Old

Flooring Trends That Never Get Old

Some flooring trends never get old. For example, hardwood has always been a favorite. In addition, hardwood look-alikes remain popular, though new innovations in them offer better functionality and look. Cool colors also remain an in thing, and covering those floors with area rugs offers a way to redecorate without a huge cost.

Hardwood… Popular Almost Everywhere

Hardwood continues to be the most popular surface for most rooms. Many homeowners are even changing their kitchen floors and entryways to hardwood.  

Here’s what’s trending with hardwood flooring:

  • Cool colors – dark browns, gray, light (without the yellow), and whitewashes

  • Wide planks

  • Matte and satin finishes

  • Environmentally friendlier finishes

  • Hardwood look-alike materials

Hardwood floors are great, but they can be expensive and require quite a bit of care. For those who like the look of wood but want to save some scratch, hardwood look-alike materials provide the answer.

The popularity of hardwood floors has lead to innovation in look-alike products. Two of the most popular innovations are tile planks, which look like hardwood, and Engineered Vinyl Planks, which look and feel like hardwood.

Both are waterproof. For this reason, they are a great alternative for rooms prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They also work great as a topping for concrete sub-floors.  

For an even more authentic look and feel, many hardwood look-alikes have embossed grainy textures. 

These look-alike products are rising in popularity because of their aesthetics and waterproofing. More color variety is also available, including whites, grays, and espressos.

Now that wood lookalikes have become mainstream, there are many knock-offs as so many manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. This category continues to expand because it meets a growing need. They look and feel amazing, and can go on top of virtually any type of surface, including tile, as long as the surface is flat and level.

 Furthermore, for the handy DIYer, this is a project they can do on their own.

Cool-toned Colors

Cool colors are in and warm colors are out. This trend seems to be true for both flooring and paint colors. Popular cool color tones include grays, blues, and greens. Other popular colors include the following:

  • Dark browns (without traces of red or yellow undertones)

  • Grays, concrete, and industrial looks for tiles

  • Grays over beiges for carpets and walls 

Area Rugs

The rise of the hardwood floor trend has led to increased demand for area rugs. Area rugs add flair and color to the room and often serve as a centerpiece. The most popular colors include gray and navy.

Area rugs are also a great option because they can be easily replaced with other rugs or throw pillows, allowing you to change the look of the room at a very low cost.

Hardwood flooring and look-alike substitutes remain in demand. With the innovation in substitutes, it is getting far cheaper to have the look and feel of a hardwood floor with the expense and upkeep requirements. It seems hardwood flooring never gets old.

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