Top Lighting Design Trends

Top Lighting Design Trends

Fashion trends are always changing, and the same is true for trends in lighting. Not surprisingly, sustainable lighting tops the list. Green has become the new buzzword, and sustainability in lighting has gone far beyond energy-efficient light bulbs. Lighting designers have begun to consider sustainability in the materials and the design of lighting.

Other trends include brass finishes, artistic chandeliers, and intelligent lighting controls. Lighting is becoming sleeker, modern-looking, and tech-controlled. Here are the four trends that dominate the interior lighting space in 2021:

Sustainable lighting

Sustainability has become increasingly important in lighting. As more and more companies seek to make their workspaces more eco-friendly, it’s not surprising that sustainable lighting has become a noticeable trend. 


Sustainable lighting goes beyond energy-efficient bulbs. It also involves choosing fixtures made from natural materials, including wood, bamboo, or imitation paper.


In addition to natural materials, the design of the fixtures has a sustainability impact as well. For example, leaf-shaped lamps or large wood textured patterns have become increasingly popular. 

Minimalism and simplicity of shapes

Rational use of space has become a trend. Along with sustainability has come minimalism in lighting design. Minimalism removes unneeded details. It can also be achieved on a budget and with pleasing aesthetics. 


Basic shades like black, white, and grey, in combination with simple shapes, combine to make a minimalist design that has an ultra-modern finish. One approach is to choose fixtures that create a contrast with natural materials.

Brass finish

Brass finish is extremely popular in all aspects of interior design. You find brass in vases, kitchen appliances, dressing tables, and, you guessed it, lighting fixtures. Brass is a wonderful way to finish your home or business with a touch of luxury and class.

Artistic chandeliers

Want an eye-catching detail for your interior design space? Chandeliers offer the opportunity. Depending on the size and style of your room, a chandelier can be as extravagant or as discreet as you can imagine.


Often, chandeliers are used above dining room tables, kitchen islands, and other prominent areas to draw attention, instantly impressing people as they enter the room.


Artistic chandeliers are a key way to create a distinctive style for your space.

Intelligent lighting controls

We’ve come a long way from “The Clapper.” Now we have more advanced technology in the world of lighting design. Intelligent lighting controls allow homeowners and business owners to control how their space looks, feels, and functions.


Lighting control products from companies such as Lutron integrate with layers of light, allowing you to create your desired look. For example, Lutron Homeworks can be installed to give you the ability to control lights, blinds, and speakers with the power of your voice, smartphone, or wall-mounted keypads.


Considering the convenience lighting controls provide, it’s no wonder they have become a stable trend. 


Lighting in 2021 is becoming sleeker and modern-looking while also being more sustainable and tech-controlled. If you are considering new interior lighting options, without a doubt look at sustainable options with a modern look and smart lighting controls.


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