Five Facts That Nobody Told You About Exterior Construction Products

Five Facts That Nobody Told You About Exterior Construction Products

Construction projects are full of needed details. In exterior construction, there are

numerous products that must be used to complete the project, make the product fully

functional, and protect the building from damage.

Getting Started

Important exterior construction products include the following:

  • Exterior insulated finish systems

  • Silicon-based caulks

  • Masonry sealers

  • Tension cables in concrete

  • Traffic deck coatings

It’s likely no one ever told you what these products do! Here is the explanation for

the importance of these exterior construction products:  

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems

An Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior

wall-cladding system. It is made from insulation boards that are attached to 

substrates and covered with a reinforced base coat and textured protective finish


EIFS were introduced in America in the 1960s and have transitioned from

commercial buildings to homes. They resemble stucco but are considered by many

as more versatile because they come in a wide variety of colors and textures. 

EIFS can be formed into near-limitless shapes and designs, such as cornices, arches, columns, keystones, cornerstones, special moldings. EIFS is considered by many construction pros and architects as the superior exterior cladding product because of its excellent thermal and moisture control.  

Silicone Based Caulks

Silicon-based caulks are used as sealants in areas prone to expansion and contraction. They function as a barrier to prevent the passage of air and water, such as for bath seals and between- the-tiles sealants. Unlike other types of caulk, you cannot paint over silicone-based sealants, but they have excellent joint movement capabilities and are more flexible, so they can be applied on almost any surface both indoors and outdoors. 


Masonry Sealers

Masonry sealers are very important for preventing water from getting inside the walls. They are also used for patios and other applications where you need to seal the space between the stones of brick.


Tension Cables in Concrete

Post tension cables serve as a reinforcement for a structure by adding rigidity to concrete. This allows construction teams to accomplish more with their resources. To apply them, steel wires are surrounded by plastic and pulled tightly after the concrete has been poured. One cable by itself has a breaking tension of about 41,000 pounds. This technique increases the strength of buildings, bridges, and other places that require concrete slabs.  

Traffic Deck Coatings 

Traffic deck coatings protect concrete from water seepage. Without them, roads and other traffic decks would be subject to the corrosive effects of water. Traffic deck coatings are made from chemicals that repel moisture.

Exterior construction projects require a number of products to complete and protect buildings and other structures. EIFSs protect the outside of buildings while offering ample design opportunities. Silicon-based caulks protect seal areas prone to expansion and contraction. Masonry sealers protect against water. Tension cables reinforce concrete, and traffic deck coatings prevent moisture from seeping into concrete decks.

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