What are some items to consider when looking for a Flex Space to lease?

What Are Some Items to Consider When Looking for a Flex Space to Lease?

Flex spaces are a modern type of construction that helps companies optimize the space they have and keep from having any of the buildings unoccupied by incorporating elements of both an office and warehouse into one building. Car shops are one example of the type of company that can benefit from a flex space. When looking for a flex space to lease consider the following items. 

What Is a Flex Space?

Flex spaces are buildings that usually have small offices in the front and large warehouses in the back. Car shops are a great example of flex space, but many other types of businesses also use them. The offices are usually shared among the employees and are outfitted to fit a number of the company’s needs to support the warehouse section of the building. 

Most Important Items to Consider

Now that we know what a flex space is and why it is a beneficial building type for companies, let’s now consider some of the potential challenges and items of consideration. 

  • Property management for flex space is an important element that should be considered early on. Some property managers will not be fond of the increased foot traffic that a flex space will bring so it is important to lease from a property management team that approves of the vision of the company and will maximize potential profits and expansion. 

  • Communication between the employees that use the space, the people managing the building, and the company leasing the building is essential for having space run smoothly. Through information sharing services the team members should have an easy way to communicate their needs with each other whatever those needs may be. 

  • Work with the most experienced property managers to have the best experience leasing a rent space. A property manager who is not knowledgeable about how a flex space operates may be taken aback by the unique challenges that these kinds of properties have. 

  • If there are other tenants in the space other than the company then it needs to make sure that the other tenants are comfortable with the density of workers that will be using the shared space.

  • Government laws and regulations for flex spaces may differ from other kinds of office buildings and warehouses. Keeping the building up to code will ensure the safety of the employees and that the company faces minimal expenses to expedite profits when leasing the space. 

Flex Spaces Are Expanding Their Market Scope 

Future projections for industry and construction are predicting that in the next decade the use of flex spaces by companies will expand to represent an even greater share of the market. Companies can get ahead of the curve by leasing a flex space for their business but should consider that a flex space may not work for everyone. Flex spaces need to be efficient and productive through coworking and this poses a unique set of challenges for the company and employees. 

Flex Spaces Help Companies Grow Faster

Leasing a flex space for a business expansion or new business is a great way for companies to maximize their profits. The layout of flex spaces for coworking is advantageous because it makes the most out of the potential for the building. Companies considering leasing a flex space in the Hamptons Roads region of Virginia are encouraged to look to the experts at Carlton Building Services when in need of information and consulting. 

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.