How Do I Find a Contractor That Works in Retail Spaces? 

How Do I Find a Contractor That Works in Retail Spaces? 

The retail industry is highly dependent on appearances. The look and feel of a retailer’s property or building can be crucial to that company’s success. And further, the atmosphere inside the space can be the difference between converting potential customers into actual converted buyers. 

Indeed, the stakes are high. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to introduce you to finding a retail contractor that goes to work for you. Let’s dig in and find out how to do it! 

What Are Retail Contractor Specialties? 

Specialization is an important aspect of any retail business, and retail contracting is certainly no exception. When you start browsing portfolios of a company’s past projects, you want to make sure that they have completed jobs that are similar to your needs. Some of the most common projects undertaken by these firms are: 

Build-outs: Demolish the old property, build a new one from scratch. Critical for brand-dependent operations. 

Storefront: A sprucing up of a storefront in order to convert foot traffic into visitors. Important for pedestrian-heavy areas. 

Remodels: Renovating and updating an existing space. Give your company renewed life. 

Rebranding: Not as intensive as remodeling, but still a significant update. Less focus on change, more focus on upgrade. 

Turnkey: Hiring a contractor with the intention to build or remodel a space for later sale. 

It’s important to know these different types of jobs so that you can better identify your needs. You don’t want to approach the contractor with a concept; you want to approach them with a specific list of to-dos so that they can give you the best possible suggestions and advice. 

Does your storefront need a complete overhaul or just a little rebranding? Are you in need of a full-scale buildout, or just a substantial remodel? Consider and answer these questions for yourself before you even start your search—it will save you time and money in the long run! 

How to Find a Retail Contractor 

When it comes to actually setting out on your search for finding a contractor that works in retail spaces, follow these general steps: 

  1. Identify your needs and distinguish them from your wants. Make a list of to-dos based on priority. 

  2. Seek word-of-mouth recommendations from connections in your industry. Create a list based on contractors that come recommended. 

  3. Investigate the companies on your list by checking out their website. Do they have evidence of completed projects? Customer reviews? What are people saying online? 

  4. Create a short-list of companies and make some phone calls. Gauge who is most attentive, and schedule a couple of interviews. 

  5. During your interviews, ask good questions and open a line of communication to foster a collaborative relationship. Once you have all your quotes in order, you can make a decision! (Pro Tip: Don’t always go for the lowest bid. Go for the contractor that makes you feel most taken care of! 


If you’re looking for a retail contractor, use this guide to help you on your search. And if you need a little bit more information feel free to reach out to us here at Carlton Building Services by clicking here

We love being a resource for Virginians to understand contracting more thoroughly! We are happy to get your call and answer your questions.

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