Wondering How Architects in Construction Rock? Read This!

Wondering How Architects in Construction Rock? Read This!

Architects are building project visionaries. They see the job from the top-level, deciding on building types, styles, materials, and designs. Much of their work involves drawing up the plans, which determine the features of the inside and outside of the structure. In addition, they create initial cost estimates, permit drawings, and assist in the administration of the contract.

Building Plans

Construction architects bear the responsibility of creating the immense plans needed for a successful, efficiently run project. They submit preliminary drawings early in the preparation process and check them for errors meticulously. The initial drawings show the building location, the exterior, and interior spaces. The overall appearance of the project is also depicted in the preliminary plans.

These plans are approved by the client prior to project commencement. Based on the plans, cost estimations are generated, and contracts negotiated. As the project progresses, the architect creates more detailed plans.

Interior Design

Architects prepare floor-, ceiling-, and millwork plans to design the interior space of a construction project. The floor plan allows for a bird’s eye view of the interior space, like looking into the interior from above with the ceiling removed.   

Ceiling plans are the opposite of floor plans. While floor plans show what the interior looks like with the roof removed, ceiling plans show what the interior space looks like with floor removed and the structure turned upside down.

Millwork plans show the details, such as cabinetry, baseboards, and other interior features.

Permit Drawings

Architects create a separate set of drawings called permit drawings. Permit drawings are submitted to the building department to gain approval for the project. These drawings are far less detailed than the project plans because their sole purpose is to show that the project complies with building codes. The permit drawings demonstrate that the project meets zoning codes, safety standards, and environmental regulations.

Initial Cost Estimation

Architects visualize and determine the broad goals of the project. This occurs at the start of the project when the final cost is impossible to determine. However, clients need to know a ballpark figure to determine if the design fits within their budget. Therefore, architects are a key part of the initial cost estimation. They must be careful not to underestimate the cost of materials and labor. Later, as the project moves forward, engineers may become involved with final price estimates.

Contract Administration

The architect creates the broad parameters of the project, which the engineers and contractors follow. As the project’s visionary, the architect takes an active role in drawing up the contract and in supervising its implementation. 

For example, once the project has been designed and estimated, the architect often helps in the selection of general building contractors. The architect knows what types of skills are needed to complete the project successfully. 

Several contractors bid on each project. The architect assists in this process by providing the specifications needed and expectations on which contractors base their pricing.

Architects play the central role in any new building project. They create the concepts that the clients approve. In addition to the project’s plans, they provide initial cost estimates, prepare permit drawings, and administer the contract.

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