In or Out: Interior Design Trends 

In or Out: Interior Design Trends 

The outsides of homes are increasingly influencing the inside decor. Other trends include the increased use of the color green, especially emerald green, as well as bold wall designs, such as 3D wallpaper. We are also seeing the dramatic use of stone in designs and more enclosed kitchen spaces. We can expect to see more of the following:

Outside Influencing the Inside

Nature and the outdoors have an outsized influence on interior design.  Indoor and outdoor pieces that look as if they’d fit perfectly in either location continue to grow in popularity. Specifically,  rattan and wicker pieces are selling well in big box stores, a sign of the indoor/outdoor trend. People are looking to bring the outdoors in, using organic elements in both furniture and decor. For example, benches and stools made from teak, cane, and rattan have become popular in foyers and living areas. 

Refined Curves

A resurgence of curved sofas and loveseats have taken place in the past. These “statement pieces” add charm to a living room or home office, giving rooms an instant makeover. Many interior designers are using modern, curved pieces to add refinement to spaces. 

Going Green, Literally

Green isn’t just about sustainability. The color is also in style, especially emerald green, deep moss, and pine-forest hues. Green is popular both on the walls and for furnishings.

For those not into green, warm neutrals are also making a comeback. For example, a lot of design embraces taupes for cabinetry trim, and more tans and rust colors are in vogue. 

Bold Walls

Boring walls are out. Going bold is in, and some of the popular choices include the following:

  •  3D wallpaper 

  • Fabric or natural fiber wall hangings 

  • Large wooden wall panels

  •  Decorative plaster and finishes 

  • Textured walls

  • Wallpaper murals

Flexible Kitchen Layouts

In previous years, open kitchen spaces have been popular, but now enclosed kitchen spaces are coming back in style. The demand for large family room/kitchen areas has decreased, but the aesthetic trends have not changed entirely.

Homeowners with open kitchens are typically working with what they have, often moving walls or adding additional privacy features. To create a sense of visual separation, many homeowners are considering french doors or even a curtain. Arched doorways are another common option, especially because they preserve the integrity of the original floor plan.

Dramatic Use of Stone

The dramatic use of stone designs adds boldness to the room. Designers and homeowners are using it to showcase complexity or drama. Stone slabs are popular for backsplashes, countertops, ceilings, and even wrap-around kitchen islands. Stone designs help prevent rooms from looking dated.

Interior design trends are always in flux. Outdoorsy looks are in, which partially influences the increased use of green hues, the dramatic use of stone, and other design trends.

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