Our goal to be the finest health care builders in Virginia taught us something. A zero-tolerance for dust, noise and odor isn’t exclusive to hospitals and senior centers. It’s attractive to all jobsites.

Carlton Building Services approaches every client with the assumption that interference is the least welcome part of remodeling. Our job is to foster productivity while staying largely invisible. Count on us to utilize plans and tools that get the job done while keeping your business front and center.

Communicating every step before it happens means you can “organize, not agonize.” Others may surprise you. We keep you informed. A knowledgeable client is our best asset on the way to providing the next level of contracting for healthcare, commercial real-estate and retail establishments throughout Virginia.


Bio, J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is invested in Virginia. He grew up in Richmond then attended Old Dominion University. As if a dual major in accounting and finance wasn’t enough, J.P. worked full time as a project manager for a general contractor. This unique combination of schooling and experience proved to be the perfect contracting storm. JP used these skills to secure a job directly out of college with Pro Window, Inc. With the help of their newest employee, the exterior maintenance company—based in Virginia Beach—tripled its revenue!

Eventually, J.P.’s strong background met with an “entrepreneurial itch.” He designed Carlton Building Services on a foundation of support from wife Holly and “super-kids” Sophia and Luke. The firm is headquartered in Chesapeake, VA proud home of the Old Dominion Monarchs and Carlton Building Services.


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