Construction Services in Norfolk

Construction Services in Norfolk

From the Chrysler Museum of Art to the Nauticus & Battleship Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia features seemingly countless attractions for locals and tourists to enjoy. Naturally, these attractions feature unique architecture that reflects the town’s unique cultural and historical identity.

Whether you aim to renovate your home or construct an industrial building from the ground up, you want your construction project to reflect Norfolk’s individuality. Carlton Building Services offers comprehensive construction services in Norfolk, Virginia to add to the area’s community and vision. Choose our experienced team to tackle your residential or commercial projects.

Invest in Your Construction Project By Choosing a Leader in the Construction Industry

Carlton Building Services is a trusted name in Norfolk construction projects. We believe that overcoming challenges, seeing each project to completion, and creating spaces that suit our clients is meaningful work. Our company began over seven years ago primarily serving healthcare facilities and businesses. Now we help with projects at every level, from residential to industrial.

Some ways we help our Norfolk clients include:

  • Pre-construction services to prepare sites for building.
  • Project management and coordination to get your site off to a great start.
  • General contractor work to improve the safety, functionality, and modernity of a project space.

We serve our community by improving lives, preparing for the future, and helping property owners accommodate growth. Choose our team for quality, excellence, and lasting professional relationships.

Our General Contracting and Construction Services in Norfolk, Virginia

Since Norfolk, Virginia is a seaside town, all construction projects in the area will reflect its oceanic roots. These construction endeavors are more than a practical adaptation; they have become a tradition. Our team honors both tradition and adaptation throughout each of the following engineering and construction services.

Build Outs

Build outs are a little-known secret within the construction industry. These projects involve a complete overhaul of an existing building. You essentially repurpose and transform a structure to fit your purposes and expectations and Carlton Building Services has just the team for the job.


Renovation projects preserve a building’s history while preparing it for the future. Our team equips old residential and industrial structures with modern safety features and amenities, ensuring they are up to par with Norfolk’s building codes.


Reimagine your property’s purpose, structure, and service life with a remodeling project. We take an innovative approach that puts your business operations and productivity front and center. Quality craftsmanship and a customer-focused attitude make the project enjoyable rather than stressful.

Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes, you don’t need a highly involved construction job to move your building in the right direction; you just need a little upkeep through routine repairs and maintenance services. Our team strives to exceed your expectations through:

  • Drywall repair and replacement: While drywall is integral to a completed interior space, it can crumble and become brittle with age. We install and repair fresh drywall for a seamless finish.
  • Carpentry: Custom solutions like millwork or finish carpentry can give your interior the polished aesthetic it needs to maintain a professional image. Plus, we only source the best wood materials for a lasting impact.
  • Paint jobs: Nothing revitalizes a space like a fresh coat of paint! Our painters can paint exterior and interior surfaces with protective paint products that disguise old wear and tear while preventing the elements from creating new damage.

Choose Carlton Building Services to Build Norfolk Home, Business, and Growing Communities

Carlton Building Services aims for nothing short of excellence during construction services in Norfolk, Virginia. Let us join you in executing transformative projects and improvements. Contact us to book a free consultation with a skilled project supervisor today.

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