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Hey Guys,

In the middle of 2017 Beach Graphic Pros took over an old shoe store at Lynnhaven Mall.  To help improve the retail displays, we were asked to help open up the space more and frame up another wall to separate the back of the house.

First the prep work to limit dust, dirt, and debris.  We established a Zip Wall dividing up the area where construction would be happening.  This divider allowed Beach Graphic Pros to maintain working while the improvements continued.

Then we put down paper over the carpet in the construction area.  This helps to prevent dust being driven deep into the carpet.

After which we put the air scrubber in the vicinity.  The Dri-eaz Air Scrubber HEPA 500 does a fantastic job of removing the dust particles that we cannot see.  This air scrubber was critical to ensuring that no dust settled on the retail products.

When everything was setup we were able to start a partial demo the existing wall.  We removed the drywall to show the metal studs.  Because we had to install a header it is critical not to remove the studs until that time.

We have now installed the header at the new opening, framed up the wall, and hung the drywall and new door.  It is amazing how quickly things change. At this point everything is ready for drywall tape, mud, and finishing the walls.

At the end of each day we needed to clean up the space, as Beach Graphic Pros has to continue to operate while we work.

We are excited to help show off the completed work next week.



JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.