Painting Time: The Paint!

Hey guys,

Now that the tools have been determined, we need to consider the type of paint you want to use.  Most people dont realize that the walls of their work, or home has a different sheen than the trim, doors, railings, and other areas.  

Lets go ahead and explain:

Flat paint is great for areas where you do not have a of traffic.  These are best used on interior walls and ceilings.  They hide the small imperfections of the surface, and touches up very well.  However this sheen is not great for cleaning.

Matte paint is sometimes considered the same level if not the same level as flat if not spoken interchangably.  Again it has the same qualities as flat paint.

Egg-Shell paint has about 25% more sheen than flat paint.  This is the sheen level used in most if not all homes and offices.  

Semi-Gloss paint has a stronger more durable finish once it has cured.  However it will show more imperfections.  Often times these are used on more doors, door frames, and even walls in commercial environments.  Hospitals, schools, and high traffic areas are prime candidates for these paint sheens.

Gloss paint has more durable, and great for use in again high traffic areas.  But they will show the imprefections of the surface.  A high gloss sheen is very useful for reflecting light, and can often be used in low light areas to illuminate the space.


Paint and Coatings Types:

Wow all I can say is there are so many paint types and uses that are used vs 10 years ago, and are continuously being improved.  Before you paint anything, I am a firm believer of talking with a Paint and Coatings Rep.  Also don't talk to just one talk to two or three as the pros and cons to help understand just how improtant utilizing the correct product.

Primer paint are used to ensure adhesion of the correct paint.  I will even admit that I have tried to use paints with a primer additive, and still had issues with adhesion.  Note the surface that is being painted will require different primer.  For example, drywall, masonry, and metal all have different primers that used.  

Water based paints or commonly referred as Latex, or Acrylic paints are the standard interior paints used in all homes, offices, and businesses.  The beauty of these paints are that most of them are Low VOC and odor.  This is important as in most office's work interuptions are highly frowned upon due to the time and money lost from down production.  

Enamel paints are often times oil based.  However new products have emerged that are a waterbased enamel which are great for Low-VOC areas, which is great for hospitals, healthcare, and schools.  These are also great for repainting cabinets.

Epoxy coatings are typically used on concrete, metal, and other surfaces required to have a strong, and durable surface.  This durable surface is achieved by mixing two products creating a chemical reaction stronger than most paints.  These are used in heavy industrial areas.

Elastomeric coatings are used in an exterior of homes, office, and many industrial buildings. These coatings are often times used on EIFS, brick, concrete, and even foam. Most elastomeric coatings are used to protect from water penetration.  This is a great product for humid, and storm ridden areas of the US. Please understand that Elastomeric coatings can last a very long time, but it does come with a price.  

So next time before you pull the trigger on your next project please do the research to understand the requirements of your project.