The New Weather World; Is your Healthcare Facility Ready?

Sixty-three percent of Hampton Roads residents believe flooding in the region has increased over the past three decades. An Old Dominion University survey backs up their belief according to the Virginian Pilot. The world is changing. Climate changing to be exact.

 Recently, scientists discovered giant ice sheets in Greenland are melting fast. 33% faster than they were in the 20th century! That impacts oceans and oceans impact us. Terms like Resiliency Design and Contingency Planning are becoming staples of healthcare construction.

The Resilient Design Institute defines resilient design as

The intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in order to respond to natural and manmade disasters and disturbances—as well as long-term changes resulting from climate change—including sea level rise, increased frequency of heat waves, and regional drought.

Welcome to the new world. Some recommendations for healthcare stability include;

Have a plan

No doubt, your building manger has an emergency preparedness list. If not, here’s a good one.

Gas or diesel generators

If power goes out your facility needs to respond immediately. Are yours tested regularly?

Hefty heating and cooling systems

Big machines might not be pretty but added heating and cooling power are likely to be needed in the new climate. Extended heat waves may be standard soon. Some facilities are using gas-fired heating and power systems that can operate quickly (CHP).

Sea Level

Are you near water? If you’re building a new structure, small or large consider setting it even higher than code requires. If sea levels rise, flooding will be a whole new ballgame.


Think about communication. An analog phone might be a good investment in case there’s issues with cellular networks.

Carlton Building’s ready to fortify structures and prepare for water and wind. From plywood that fits your windows to sandbag inventory count on us to strengthen your position in the event of foul weather.

There’s a lot of good times ahead. Please don’t think we’re predicting an apocalypse in the Old Dominion State. We’re simply committed to making buildings more secure and as John Kennedy said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”