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Drones, an Amazing new Construction Tool

Increasing safety, cutting costs and bettering security for healthcare builders of the future.

US Health Care Construction spending is at 42 billion dollars! That’s a healthy amount of money and it excites healthcare builders—like us—to know the country is investing in an infrastructure for health.

Our blogs have been touching on the newest technology lately because exciting times are ahead. When used as another instrument in our toolbox there can be a lot of improvement to the development of hospitals, assisted living facilities and medical buildings.

For today’s entry we’d like to drone on and on… but in a good way. Many businesses use drones but the fastest commercial growth is coming from the construction industry. They’re very cool. Drones can improve job sites in a myriad of ways. Let’s start with the most important one, safety.

42% of construction worker deaths involve falls. That’s according to the latest data from the CDC. Drones take on a big part of examining and evaluating building areas up in the sky. With less need for workers to scale the heights this technology is the “ounce of prevention” healthcare builders need to increase safety on the job.

Like any tool the use of drones has its challenges. Precise weather information is needed before lift-off. Avoiding thick clouds and high winds is critical to getting the correct information to the team. While they save construction sites a great deal of money in the long term the upfront cost can be daunting. We know it well.

Still we dream on because the use of drones not only increases safety it improves collaboration. They do this by collecting information on-site and sending it out through a tool like BIM. Check out our recent blog about that tool here. Engineers, carpenters, owners and architects can all tap into the latest data via any smart object in their backpack. It’s the perfect way to see the progress moving along day to day and find issues before they become problems.

Healthcare Construction and Drones. A good partnership

Healthcare Construction and Drones. A good partnership

Additionally, drones can be proactive tools by providing land-surveillance a lot faster and easier than traditional methods. In the near future these tools can shorten the construction time for a skyscraper notably. That saves the client money and allows contractors to take on more ambitious projects to bolster their bottom line. And speaking of “bottom line” an overhead drone can video the job site making theft or vandalism incredibly difficult. Honest people like cutting costs that way.

We’re looking forward to learning and even using this segment of healthcare construction technology. Keep an eye on the many uses and next time you’re on a building job site… look up!


The Cost of Professionalism

Do you like paying fines? Are code violations “your thing?” We didn’t think so. They’re not ours either.  

The state of Virginia hands out thousands of commercial code violations every year. Your first line of defense is a licensed contractor. They’re approved by the state. Part of their training—part of our training—is focused on complying with ordinances from state and local governments. And any old license won’t do. A Class-A license gets you a professional who will offer a host of benefits that are well worth the cost. Here’s just a few.

Carlton Building holds a Virginia class A license.

We carry extensive liability, auto and umbrella coverage on every single project.

Professional commercial builders never fly by the seat of their pants. We do this all day, every day and come to the site with a tried and true process. Clients can expect a work order detailing the scope of the project before we even begin.


On the site and long after we’re gone safety regulations are met. Will the city or state inspect? No problem. OSHA for instance, has numerous requirements related to the leading hazards at construction sites. Not following them can make your property liable. Hiring a pro who’s informed can mitigate problems and maximize peace of mind. How much is tranquility worth?


You never need an insured contractor—until suddenly you do. Even the safest commercial building environments have risks. If a worker gets injured liability could come your way in a hurry. Professionals understand the specific needs of each client and how those needs impact their facility. They carry the knowledge and liability coverage that matches requirements for individual buildings and the jobs they take on.


Licensee requirements for the State of Virginia include,

  • Furnishing ample references to confirm proper experience

  • Proof of financial stability

  • A multitude of exams on numerous aspects of construction

Certified builders are vetted by the state insuring their commitment to excellence and requiring the knowledge to provide that quality to each and every client.


Established workforces wear uniforms. It adds to the level of pride for our work and lets people know who’s in their environment. At Carlton Building Services we send out teams of 2-4 people at a time, in uniform, ready to take on your project.

Do contractors with the proper licenses and insurance cost more? Yes. But the risk versus reward scenario consistently shows that professionals offer better value over firms who aren’t invested in themselves and the local economy. All commercial builders are not equal. In short, “you get what you pay for.”

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Looking for a commercial contractor?

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