The Ultimate Commercial Building Renovation Checklist

Let’s say you’ve had your office in Virginia Beach for a while, but the interior design no longer reflects your business’ evolving brand. Or maybe you just rented a new space for your yoga studio in Hampton Roads, Virginia…except the last tenet was an accounting firm and the space they left behind is totally not […]

Do I need a full build out?

It’s been a minute since you last updated your space or you rented a new space and are looking to hire a contractor to ensure it captures your brand. Most likely, you’re wondering how much you should invest into construction. Do you need a couple small renovations or should you budget for a full build […]

How do commercial contractors define a build out?

Build out is one of the most important terms in the commercial contract industry, yet few people outside the industry know what it means. Today, we wanted to pull back the curtains and clarify once and for all what the term build out means. Check out how an experienced commercial contractors define a build out. […]

What to look for in a commercial renovation contractor

commercial contractor

Whether you just bought a new space or are ready to spruce up an existing commercial location, a commercial renovation might be on your to-do list. The first step toward a successful renovation project is finding the right commercial renovation contractor. But what should you look for in this contractor and how do they differ […]

What does a commercial construction superintendent do?

There are many players in a commercial construction project, from the general contractor, independent teams, structural engineer, and superintendent. Today we wanted to clarify one of the key players in a commercial renovation project: a commercial construction superintendent. What do they do and how are they different from a general contractor? So what is a […]

What is commercial renovation?

What is commercial renovation?

Commercial renovation is a term which is commonly thrown around in the construction industry. Understanding what it means and what types of projects fall into this category can help you determine how much of a budget you need for your construction project and can help you partner with the right contractor. Here’s what commercial construction […]

Is a business renovation a tax deduction?

Is a business renovation a tax deduction?

The most dreadful time of year for many business owners (and accountants) is fast approaching: tax season. As the April 18th deadline looms, you most likely are calculating how much you made–and what expenses can be written off as a tax deduction. You might be asking yourself, “Is a business renovation a tax deduction?” In […]

3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Contractor

Commercial contractor

If you’re starting a commercial renovation project in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, or a nearby city in Virginia, choosing your contractor is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make all year. To find the right commercial contractor, make sure that you do your due diligence and focus on three key areas: identifying what you […]

Do I really need to get a construction permit?

construction permit

The construction process has a lot of moving parts, from finding the right contractor, praying the plumbing team does their job on time, making sure the electrician installs everything properly, and figuring out how to keep your business afloat while a commercial site is being renovated or built. Adding a permit into the mix is […]