Caulking in Healthcare Facilities

Hey guys,

We have recently finished up a caulking project for a client, and I felt it was important to discuss the importance of caulking.  Caulking presents a very critical role in healthcare facilities.  If you think about all the illnesses nurses, doctors, and other practitioners see on a daily basis it is quite a staggering number.  Now what happens is a sick patient sneezes near an area that cannot be cleaned such as an uncaulked backsplash on a countertop.  This area can allow bacteria to grow, manifest, and spread further.  Now add to the environment where it is a dialysis, urgent care, outpatient surgical room, etc which can help spread for infection control.

This is where caulking is so useful.  By properly applying caulk to all the cracks, crevices, and joints it will prevent infections, and the spread of bacteria.

Next time you are at a healthcare facility, take a look around at the small details.  These small details will help determine if the facility you are in is being taken care of or not.

I will catch you guys later.


JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.