Construction Equipment Checklist: Contractors Share the Most Important Equipment

A high quality construction project done in a timely manner doesn’t just depend on using construction equipment, but on using the right construction equipment. Whether you’re renovating your home or looking to hire a contractor for a commercial construction project, it’s important to make sure the right equipment is being used. Our construction equipment checklist highlights the exact equipment you or a contractor needs to get a project done–as well as how to choose the right equipment for your project. 


Lifts are an essential component of any construction project. Manlifts allow construction workers to safely work from a platform. One common type of man lift is the scissor lift. Instead of extending the platform from a pole, as is the case with many manlifts, scissor lifts suspend the platform on cross beams that have a scissor-like appearance.


Scaffolds allow construction workers to safely work on the outside of a building or higher up in interior spaces. There are five types of scaffolding commonly used in building projects today:

  • Tube and coupler (fitting) components 

  • Prefabricated modular system scaffold components 

  • H-frame / facade modular system scaffolds 

  • Timber scaffolds 

  • Bamboo scaffolds (particularly in China and India).

The main elements of the scaffolding are the standard, ledger, and transoms. The standards are the vertical tubes that transfer the weight of the structure to the ground. Standards rest on a square base plate that spreads out the load. Ledgers consist of horizontal tubes that connect between the standards. Transoms rest on the ledgers at right angles. Main transoms are located next to the standards. They hold the standards in place and provide support for boards. Intermediate transoms are those placed between the main transoms to provide extra support. 


Ladders used by construction and trade workers must be more robust than those used in the home. Specific construction sites may have their own rules about the use of ladders because it’s important to choose the right ladder for the job.

Ladders come in a range of styles to suit different functions. Common construction ladders include:

  • Single Pole Ladders

  • Extension Ladders 

  • Step Ladders

  • Dual Purpose Ladders (stepladder hinged to provide an extension)

  • Platform (podium) Ladders

Pump Jacks

Pump jacks are used to elevate and take down scaffolding. The work is done by your weight and these jacks are adjustable and help save crucial time when completing a job. 


Repelling Equipment

Repelling equipment is also frequently used on construction sites. A repel allows workers to descend from high heights carefully. Often, repelling equipment is needed when workers ascend to hard-to-reach areas.

Contractors need the right type of equipment in order to protect workers’ safety and to ensure an efficient timeline for construction projects. When they choose the right lift, scaffold, ladder, pump jack, and repelling equipment, projects will be completed faster and safer.

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