What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Doors?

Most of us don’t think about doors on a daily basis. They’re there for us to walk in and out of, but we seldom stop to consider the diverse purposes they serve and how inconvenient life would be without them. Doors provide safety, protection from incremental weather, and privacy, among other benefits. Yet, not all doors serve the same functions. When it comes to choosing and installing a residential or commercial door, there are some key differences and features to keep in mind. 

The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Doors

When you hear the word door, a residential one most likely comes to mind. Residential doors include the ones protecting your house from the outside and the interior doors from room to room. Even if you work from home and don’t leave your house often, you are most likely interacting with residential doors multiple times a day.

Since residential doors provide links between rooms, they play an important role in home ventilation and help determine if noise carries from room to room. Outdoor-facing residential doors also play an important role in keeping out intruders and inclement weather. Garage and apartment building doors also fall under the category of residential doors and serve many of the same purposes. 

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Commercial doors, also known as industrial doors, vary greatly from residential doors. Even within the categorization of commercial doors, you’ll see many designs and functionalities because different business types require doors that can serve different purposes. 

In general, commercial doors are opened much more often than residential ones and need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant traffic. Because of this, commercial doors are much thicker and better insulated. This also helps many business owners cut energy costs and improves the security of a commercial or public building. 

Styles and Trends for Commercial and Residential Doors

For both homes and commercial properties, entry doors create the first impression. Choosing the right door for your home or business is important to make a lasting statement to everyone who comes into contact with your property. 

Residential doors are often lighter and more attractive than their commercial counterparts. There are fewer design options for residential doors, though in some neighborhoods, you might find more ornate residential doors which would be less practical in a commercial setting. 

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Commercial properties incorporate more styles of doors because there are a wider variety of purposes for commercial spaces. A spa, for example, might have a more ornate door which reflects the tranquility inside while a factory might opt for secure, metal doors to protect their expensive equipment. When choosing a door for a commercial space, consider what the purpose is for that space and what type of message you want it to convey to your customers.

How Much Do They Cost?

Commercial doors are often far more expensive than their residential counterparts. This is due in part to enhanced security features, insulation, and more expensive materials. Metal doors, for instance, tend to be much more expensive than wooden or glass doors.

When it comes to residential doors, materials for the doors can run $400 External residential door materials can run $2,000. Since commercial doors have more hardware attached to them, they usually cost even more, though exact prices can vary. This hardware can range from closures, push-pulls, kick-plates, and more. The hardware will also require additional time resulting in higher installation costs.

Speaking of installation costs, you’ll also want to factor this into your budget. While some people may be able to install a residential door on their own, most homeowners will likely have to rely on professionals for proper installation. In commercial spaces, it’s even more important to rely on professionals to install your door properly. 

Commercial and residential doors vary in their designs and applications. From stylistic features to functionality, many considerations come into play when selecting a door for a residence or commercial property. If you want your door to convey the right message and serve the desired functions for your residential or commercial property, you should consider contacting a contractor. A contractor can ensure you get the right style of door and that it is installed by experts in the shortest amount of time possible. 

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