Dust, Odors, and Noise from Construction in Retail, Office, and Healthcare!

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I had a meeting with several property managers and their biggest problems stem from contractors performing their work.  Most property managers get these issues day, nights, weekends, and holidays when construction happens.  And most contractors say its normal to have these disturbances.  However, it does not have to be that way.  Carlton Building Services works in Healthcare, Retail, and Offices and none of them will stand for any disruption of their everyday business as they lose money when interruptions occur. So lets jump into how each issue needs to be resolved.

  • Dust: One of the biggest complaints from building owners, property managers, facility engineers is DUST!  Regardless if it is coming from the inside or outside of the building this is ALWAYS an issue.  Here at Carlton Building Services, we like to utilize Air Scrubbers, Zip Walls,  Plastic and Paper Floor Sheeting, and plenty of vacuums. When sanding does occur a vacuum attachment does wonders to eliminate the large dust particles.  The Air Scrubber will grab the rest as it circulates the air in the room.
  • Odors: Most contractors are aware of when using special epoxies, chemicals, and other odors materials, but forget about the pedestrians.  First and foremost the contractor needs to be using the correct P.P.E. to protect him/herself.  Secondly, if the off gases are extremely strong an air scrubber with minimum of a carbon filter will help substantially, but the more ventilation the better.  The overall goal is to eliminate/remove the VOC’s from the air that are hazardous.
  • Noise:  Whether it’s the tools, the equipment, or simply the worker themselves noise presents a big issue when trying to work.  One of the noisiest parts can be the hammering, drilling, and cutting.  One way to do it is with the right tools.  One of my favorite tools has become the Dewalt concrete nail gun.  This nail gun does not use any type of fuel, air compressor, or powder actuated cartridge. In fact Dewalt has come up with entire line of products that battery powered only.  Another solution is to have any and noisey work to be performed before or after normal business hours.  This is very much critical in healthcare.

When the next project comes around make sure the contractor will take the time to eliminate the distractions and down time as Dust, Odors, and Noise.

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JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.