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One of the simple things that can improve the impression of a space is painting.  Painting is one the easiest ways to transform any office, retail, or healthcare facility.  Adding an accent wall, changing sheens, or even just adding a layer of protection with paint has one of the largest impacts on a space.



Drywall or Gypsum boards are found in 90%+ of offices, retail, and healthcare facilities.  Gypsum is a strong durable surface for walls that is used to create the separation for rooms.  There are numerous types of drywall for fire rated walls, moisture resistant walls, dings, and dents.  This important to know where each is best used.  The most common walls seen are on demising walls that separate spaces. In commercial construction 5/8" is the standard, but 1/2" is also used from time to time.  



Most commercial framing consists of light gauge metal stud frames.  Metal studs have several benefits over standard wood framing.  Metal framing is easier to install and faster because of the simplicity of the metal. Wood is subject to twisting, and warping over time, whereas metal does not.  When moisture is involved metal will rust which will slowly deteriorate the integrity, but wood is subject to rot and mold which can also lead to ants, or termites.  Wood framing is also more prone to fires.  While light gauge metal stud framing is more expensive, in the long run it is more effective in preventing unnecessary repairs.