Services Overview



Transform your workspace! Color can alter the environment in a short period of time. If you’re looking to stimulate the mind, look into hues of blue. According to “Psychology Today” strong blues clear your mind of clutter. Soft blues help concentration and they have a calming effect on the brain. We’ll work with your color scheme or suggest one based on our experience with commercial interior design.

Carlton Building celebrates the color pallet by offering top notch painting services for any office, retail, or healthcare facility. Keep working though. Our stay-out-of-the-way approach to business space produces stimulating accent walls, relaxing finishes and restorative approaches to walls and workspace.

Increase tenant improvement and enhance productivity with a minimum of disruption. Call us today for a vibrant approach to updates large and small.


Commercial remodeling should work for, not against a business. Carlton Building is well versed in the use of Drywall and Gypsum boards. We enjoy guiding clients through the many options for workspace and healthcare facilities. Choosing between fire rated walls and moisture resistant walls for each division takes time to learn. We’ve taken that time and offer it up to the successful projects we take on.

Don’t let dings, dents and scratches slow you down either. Experience counts here and our team will handle commercial construction of standard 5/8" or advise when 1/2" drywall is a better choice.

Need to divide a workspace? Gypsum—a strong durable surface for walls—separates spaces nicely. Talk it over with us and experience first-hand how our low noise, zero dust policy keeps landlords informed and tenants working.





A wall is only as good as its foundation. High quality framing lays the groundwork for office and healthcare space. Let us do it right. Moisture can rot wood frames. That leads to mold, ants and termites. Carlton Building Services works with metal stud framing to avoid those potential issues. Our team leads the way with integrity for our work and the foundation your walls are built on.

We guide property management towards better value with techniques and materials that decrease fire hazards and prevent unnecessary repairs later on. Framing is a craft we’re proud of. You’ll see that pride in every job we do.