Top 5 Construction Industry Trends

Top 5 Construction Industry Trends

Like many industries, construction goes through different trends. By recognizing what is in vogue, contractors can be prepared with the knowhow to build new projects that attract buyers.

Here are the top 5 construction trends:


If you want proof that anything which goes out of style eventually comes back, then look no further than wallpaper. Scorned for the last few decades as a ‘70s and ‘80s horror trend, wallpaper is back in 2021, albeit with some modern updates.

First of all, today’s trendy wallpaper is much more sleekly designed than yesteryear’s. It is also far easier to remove! Finally, it is no longer thought necessary to wallpaper an entire room. Often, today’s designers prefer using wallpaper to accent a wall or ceiling.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is similar to laminate. Both provide the appearance of a wood floor at far less cost than genuine wood. But vinyl plank flooring is easier to maintain than laminate. In 2021, more and more homeowners are choosing vinyl plank flooring over laminate.

Vinyl plank flooring is made of plastic rather than fiberboard. This gives it several advantages. Firstly, vinyl plank flooring is more durable than laminate. If you plan to use a faux wood option in a high-traffic area, vinyl plank flooring is the way to go.

Secondly, vinyl plank flooring offers better water resistance. No need to panic if you spill some water on the floor. Unlike laminate flooring, you do not need to worry about moisture seeping into the flooring and causing warping, mold, and other nasty surprises.

Thirdly, vinyl plank flooring is far easier to maintain versus laminate. Laminate flooring requires special cleaners because of its sensitivity to moisture, while vinyl plank flooring is far more water tolerant, so you can clean it like a regular floor.

Can Lights

Can lights are cylindrical recessed lights (placed in the ceiling). Homeowners most often use them when there is little room for a light fixture or when they want to spotlight a certain area. They also have a sleek look, which is part of the attraction that makes them one of the top 5 construction industry trends for 2021.

Air Purification

No one likes breathing stale, dirty air. Allergens and other unhealthful particles make us sneeze, feel run down, and can contribute to illness. Air purification systems capable of cleaning the whole house’s air are becoming more popular. When the weather is too hot or cold to open the windows, air purification systems keep the indoor air pleasant and healthy.

Microbicidal Paints

Air purification systems are not the only way to keep your home environment healthy. Microbicidal paints contain many of the same disinfectants included in top-quality home cleaners. These paints kill major germs, such as Staph infections, MRSA, and E.coli. When germs infect a home, the whole family can get sick. Microbicidal paints keep everyone healthy.

Times and styles change. Contractors who are aware of what features are popular are prepared to build in-demand projects. For 2021, wallpaper is back, vinyl plank flooring beats laminate, can lights are in, and people want healthy air and germ-killing paints.

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