Why Construction Collaboration Technology saves the Day

Healthcare Building in a Miraculous Time

In our last blog, Healthcare Building in a Virtual World we heralded the arrival of an amazing period in medical technology. Healthcare construction is a big part of these modern-day miracles.

Last time we focused on the ultra-cool process of Building Information Modeling (BIM). In this installment of the Carlton Building Blogs, we’re offering a quick look at Construction Collaboration Technology.


Imagine the complex nature of building a medical facility. Virginia alone has 125 hospitals. The Old Dominion state single-handedly offers a slew of urgent care locations, assisted living facilities, doctor’s offices and medical testing services. Healthcare construction and remodeling are in high demand.

Each building site uses a wide-range of workers. Construction managers, architects, contractors, engineers, electricians and construction workers are all moving toward the same goal. Yet, they contribute diverse talents. Typically these team members come from entirely different companies. Each firm has their own tech system and inevitably these squads are brought together temporarily for a specific project.

Collaboration technology prevents a modern day “tower of babel” on the job site. Often times it’s cloud based software. Instead of living on one firm’s computer server all information exists in one central location. These platforms enable the flow of communication to be shared and accessed in real-time by all team members.

Collaboration technology prevents a modern day “tower of babel” on the job site.

Authorized persons can make changes then notate them immediately—on location—with simple technology like a tablet with Internet access.

Workers no longer have to wait for feedback from engineers. They can access it as it’s happening. Changes to design drawings can be made on the spot and shared with the team using a single click. They in turn can comment and suggest in a matter of minutes right there at the healthcare construction site.

Work schedules, memos, management feedback, workflows and project standards all have the option of changing on location and the best part is everyone on the job knows what and when it’s happening. That saves a great deal of time!

There’s an old saying, “Time is Money.” That’s certainly the case with Construction Collaboration Technology but even more important is the ability to get it right. We build structures for health and while we’re quoting remember, “Health is wealth.”

 “Time is Money”

–          Benjamin Franklin

“Health is wealth”

–          Ralph Waldo Emerson

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.