Bonilla Pet Studios | Norfolk and Williamsburg, Virginia

Client Profile

Bonilla Pet Studios is the premier pet photographer in the Norfolk and Williamsburg area. Their clients come to them for a private, high-end pet photography experience. Because their business is growing so quickly, they recently decided to move out of the MacArthur Mall and into a new space.

The Challenge

The owner of Bonilla Pet Studio knew she needed to find a contractor to partner with on the new space. She envisioned increased functionality in the new photography studio, as well as a design which better reflected the glitzy, Hollywood-esque and art gallery feel of working with their team. The design also needed an art gallery feel to better showcase the pet masterpieces from the Bonilla team.

Searching for a Contractor

To do this, she turned to Carlton Building Services. Our team is known for capturing a brand’s essence while also making a space more functional, which is exactly what Bonilla Pet Studios needed. Throw in our excellent communication skills and track record of finishing on time and the partnership was a box office hit.

Blockbuster Design

To create a space with improved functionality that adhered to the studio’s brand, we started by surveying the old storefront and considering the unique advantages of booking a pet photoshoot session with Bonilla. From there, we created a new design that captured the Hollywood treatment they offered and improved the functionality and layout of their space. The result? Their team can now snap more furry friend photos than ever before.

Lights, Camera, Action

In the old space, pets sometimes rubbed noses on their way in and out of the theater and photography rooms. For the new space, we designed the layout so this wouldn’t happen. We put doors on opposite sides of the photography rooms so pets could come and go without seeing each other. For the client theater room, we created custom display cabinets for the completed photoshoots. In these cases, the photos are properly protected and easy to wrap up to bring home. All these changes better reflected Bonilla’s theater-perfect brand and allowed families to have an elevated pet photography experience.

Backstage Revamp

In the back, we were able to put a giant work area for their team to edit photos, collaborate on projects, and work on the administrative work. This backstage revamp meant that Bonilla’s team can now work more effectively than ever before, allowing them to see more furry models each day.

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