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Build Outs in Virginia Beach

One of the biggest crimes in the construction industry is keeping the meaning of the term “build out” quiet. We get so many questions about what a build out is and we get it. Build outs are confusing, especially when the definition is not what it seems. 

While it would be logical to think a build out means building a new construction project, it’s actually all the other stuff. Build out refers to the process of transforming an already built space into an improved space for a new purpose. 

Build outs are a common interior construction process, but we take a different approach. It starts with a walk through to understand the layout and your vision. We ask questions about why things are in specific locations and take notes on how to transform the space. 

Then we think about your purpose for the space and how to not only make the space functional, but inviting and modern. By the end of a Carlton build out, your workspace will excite you, your workers, and clients and customers. 

You spend the majority of your waking hours at work–the space should be awesome! 

Healthcare Build outs

Let’s say you just leased a new healthcare practice–but the building used to be rented by an accounting firm! Our team won’t just buildout the space to look like a typical medical office. We can make sure your space’s design is synonymous with health and wellness. 

Commercial Buildouts

So you’ve found a great office space and signed the lease…but the closed off offices and drab interior don’t exactly reflect your company’s collaborative culture. Together, we can transform a new office space into YOUR office space–and ensure optimal productivity from both the construction team and your employees.

We also work with leasing companies on apartment buildouts, whether that looks like expanding your property to add more apartments or redesigning the space so it can bring in more rent money. 

Retail Buildouts

If your business is expanding to its second location and you just signed the lease or you feel like your current retail space isn’t all it could be, give us a call. We complete retail buildouts that attract customers, make them feel at home, and inspire extra shopping and eating along the way!

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What Others Say

We used Carlton building services for a kitchen update, they removed a sofit box, popcorn ceiling and added crown molding and updates to our bar area. The team also turned our plain windows in our bedroom into a wonderful bay window seating area. The process was so seamless and the team were professional and accommodating and no dust or dirt anywhere. The price was very reasonable and working with a honest and true to your word professional was refreshing. I highly recommend.

Jennifer Mccoy