McCormick Law | Virginia Beach

Client Profile

McCormick Law is a real estate and business law firm in the Virginia Beach area. Because of their reputation for excellence in law, their business is currently growing fast–but their space hasn’t been able to keep up.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges with their building is that their break room and conference room are not subdivided. As the firm grows, they’ve found it difficult to juggle employee breaks and all the meetings and workshops they need to run.

Searching for a Contractor

To address this problem, McCormick Law decided to work with a contractor on building a new division between the break room and meeting room. But they weren’t just looking for any subcontractor–they wanted one who could capture the brand’s essence in the project. They also wanted to continue operations during the renovation. Because of our track record for building the future of businesses with minimal disruption, the firm turned to Carlton Building Services.

Growing Business, New Needs

A big priority for the renovation project was to subdivide the break room and conference room. Before our work, they were in the same room, which made it tricky to coordinate meetings and employee breaks. Now that we have divided the two rooms, McCormick Law can host more meetings and workshops than before.

Working Within the Budget

Whenever Carlton Building Services works on a project, we focus on capturing the business’ future in the design, not just completing the project. When we asked McCormick Law about what their ideal space would look like, they said they wanted the classic law firm feel (think wall to ceiling windows and lots of open, bright spaces). But this design wasn’t within their budget, so our team reworked the design to accommodate the client’s vision. Instead, we added French doors to build a professional division between the two rooms. These French doors captured the client’s design request while staying within their budget.

Lightening Speed Renovation

The Carlton Building Services is known for completing projects on time and on budget. McCormick Law’s renovation was no exception–we finished within a week and a half. Their team continued to operate while we renovated because we were able to minimize disruption from our processes and procedures.

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