Office Space in Virginia Beach

Client Profile

A local office known for going the extra mile for their clients and providing high quality financial services needed an office space that better reflected their brand.

The Challenge

Going into 2023, this Virginia Beach company knew that the new year needed a new look. The group wanted to work with someone who, like them, provided high quality services and went the extra mile for their clients. They also needed a contractor who could perform the project while their team kept working in the office.

Searching for a Contractor

To meet their requirements, a contractor with excellent project management and communication skills and a track record for high quality work to get the project done. After interviewing a couple contractors, Carlton Building Services fit the profile.

During the 9-5 Grind

Because the company occupied the space while we were working, we had to go slow instead of fast. We coordinated closing off specific conference rooms without disrupting meeting and moved employees to other spaces when working in their individual offices. They were also on the eighth floor of a building in Virginia Beach, meaning we couldn’t disturb other tenants. Luckily, we pride ourselves on minimizing disruptions while on construction sites. Carlton Building Services got the job done without disrupting everyday work life–or their neighboring office’s work.

Communication is Key

Since the project involved coordinating with employees working in-office, communication was key. The company was impressed by how efficiently we responded and provided answers when needed. Our usual communication met their high communication standards and ensured the project could be completed with minimal disruption to their business operations.

An Updated Space

To update the space, we added new carpet, installed new wallpaper in the conference room and lobby, and renovated the cabinets in the breakroom, reception desk, and copy room. We also updated the lighting throughout and adjusted the sprinkler heads to accommodate the lighting. Our team removed skimmed walls and added a fresh coat of paint in various spaces in their office. The office space now has an updated space which promotes collaboration and productivity.

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