Two Maids and a Mop | Virginia Beach

Client Profile

Two Maids and a Mop is a top-ranked cleaning company serving Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. While known for making their customers’ spaces spotless, their own office had become messy, since they delayed needed renovations. A few years ago, they tackled the problem by hiring the wrong contractor.

The Challenge

As soon as they started working with that contractor, they realized they’d made a mistake. The contractors created more construction problems, not less, until one day, he stopped showing up. To find a contractor who would stay on budget, on schedule, and on-site, they searched yet again for a new contractor.

Searching for a Contractor

The team settled upon Carlton Building Services because they knew our team could handle long, complicated projects. They also knew our team had a reputation of working with high quality subcontractors and coordinating with local officials to make sure their build-out was up-to-code.

Laundry List of Construction Tasks

Two Maids and a Mop might be familiar with laundry, but the laundry list of construction tasks they needed done were overwhelming. Their team was tentative if they could all be done in a timely manner, until they worked with Carlton Building Services. Our team completed a large variety of tasks as quickly as possible, including ceiling improvements, structural changes, and repainting the space. Since there was so much to be done, we also helped Two Maids and a Mop qualify as a special case so they could extend their SBA loan.

Cleaning up the structure

The previous contractor did not complete any architectural drawings and none of the structural changes they intended to make were ADA-compliant. That meant our team was starting from scratch to improve the structure of the building. Luckily, we understood local regulations and had a Virginia Beach-based structural engineer on-call who we could work with on the project. With the help of the engineer, we ensured the structural changes were high quality, both in terms of ADA guidelines and the functional needs of Two Maids and a Mop.

All Up to Code

Along with making sure the structural changes were ADA-compliant, our team also had to bring everything else up to code, including the plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems. Luckily, Two Maids and a Mop hired our team, who understand local coding and regulations so they didn’t have to worry about navigating these policies themselves.

Got a laundry list of construction tasks or need your space to be brought up to code? Contact Carlton Building Services to learn how we can help.