The Ultimate Commercial Building Renovation Checklist

Let’s say you’ve had your office in Virginia Beach for a while, but the interior design no longer reflects your business’ evolving brand. Or maybe you just rented a new space for your yoga studio in Hampton Roads, Virginia…except the last tenet was an accounting firm and the space they left behind is totally not zen. In both cases, you probably should partner with a commercial contractor licensed in Virginia on a renovation project. Since these projects can be intimidating, here’s a commercial building renovation checklist that can help the project go as smoothly as possible.

What is commercial renovation?

Commercial renovation refers to projects which update a previously constructed space. Usually, they are less intensive and create a smaller transformation than commercial build outs or commercial remodeling projects, but they can still impact the overall feel of your commercial building.

To give you a better idea of what these projects could look like, here are some common commercial renovation projects:

  • Repairing flooring damage from medical equipment
  • Adding a new coat of paint to the walls
  • Sprucing up walls, flooring, and cabinets
  • Redesigning an office space so it fits with current trends
  • Repairing wall or flooring damage from past tenants

Commercial building renovation checklist

Before starting a commercial renovation, there are a few things you’ll want to gather. These include:

  • Any details about previous renovation and construction to the space
  • Ideas of what you want the space to look like
  • A budget and timeframe for the project
  • Specific business goals that the renovation will help to support

Basically, you want to know when the project should be done by, why you’re wanting to start this project, and what you envision the final product will look like.

What your contractor should bring to the table

Commercial renovation projects aren’t completed alone (nor should they be if you want a high quality end project!). Instead, businesses partner with a contractor who has industry expertise and can make sure a project is building the future of their business.

A solid commercial renovation contractor should bring to the table:

  • A clear communication style
  • An idea of how long the project will take and how they will manage the project
  • Past experience and expertise in your specific type of commercial renovation (a contractor who specializes in commercial healthcare projects might not be the best fit for renovating an apartment building)
  • Case studies from previous work which is similar your project

Before hiring a contractor, make sure they can express how they approach each of these considerations–and that their specific styles of communication, project management, and other key details of a partnership align with your preferred styles.

What you don’t need for a commercial building renovation

We’ve talked a lot about what you and your contractor should bring to a commercial renovation project, but is there anything you don’t need?

As a client, you don’t need to have the industry know-how; the contractor should have that. You also don’t need to be in charge of the different subcontractors or the nitty gritty details of the renovation (though you can discuss the minutiae with a contractor if you’d like).

When it comes to commercial renovation projects, there is a lot you should bring to the table, but the most important aspect is finding and hiring the right contractor. Before starting your project, make sure you trust your contractor and communicate with them easily. The relationship between you and your contractor can make or break the project.

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