What is a commercial construction build out?

If you’ve spent any time researching commercial renovation projects, you might have heard the term build out. The actual meaning is one of the best kept secrets of the construction industry–and something more people outside the industry should know about. Let’s spill the beans on this secret: what is a commercial construction build out and why should you consider one for your next renovation project?

What is a commercial construction build out?

First things first: the term build out is a bit deceiving. When you hear the term, you might think it means expanding a building, such as adding a new wing to a therapy office.

In reality, the term means the exact opposite. Build out refers to the construction process of turning an old space into an improved space for a new project. While there are many types of renovations, build outs project the biggest transformation–and often require the biggest budget.

Commercial vs residential build outs

Obviously, a build out could be done in any type of construction. For residential construction, this could look like significantly transforming a single family home. Let’s say you bought a home and want to change one of the closets to a bathroom–that would be a build out.

However, build outs are much more common in commercial spaces. If you’ve ever seen a restaurant that was put in an old bank or if the architecture firm in town turned into a doctor’s office, a build out probably took place.

So, the main difference between a commercial and residential build out is the type of building and contractor involved in the project.

Why does a commercial build out?

As a business owner, you want your office, retail space, or healthcare facility to look like your own. You might have rented that old coffee shop on main street for your new hair salon, but that doesn’t mean you want your customers to think they’re getting a latte when they come in!

In that case, a build out could replace the old coffee counter with a nail counter and add in different hair washing stations and other elements so the space truly embodies your business’ mission. Build outs are the best way to transform a new space–and they’re often a good type of renovation to discuss with your commercial contractor.

Commercial Construction Build out allowances

If you’re renting your space, make sure to read the contract with your landlord before starting a build out. Often, the contractor will outline an allowance, or how much you’re able to change a building.

Build out allowances can also refer to how many renovations a landlord will cover–and you’ll have to cover the rest.

As you can see, this term can mean a couple different things. The important meaning is the one in your contract–make sure to comb through that contract before getting started. If confused, hand it over to your contractor to review too.

Build outs transform spaces. If you recently rented or bought a new commercial property, call Carlton Building Services so we can reimagine how that space can better embody your business’ mission.

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