What does a commercial construction superintendent do?

There are many players in a commercial construction project, from the general contractor, independent teams, structural engineer, and superintendent. Today we wanted to clarify one of the key players in a commercial renovation project: a commercial construction superintendent. What do they do and how are they different from a general contractor?

So what is a commercial construction superintendent?

A commercial construction superintendent ensures everything goes according to plan on a construction site. They are usually physically at the site and responsible for the day to day activities for a single construction site (or a few sites). This is different from a commercial construction contractor, who coordinates between different teams and makes sure that there are the right people doing the right jobs at every construction site they manage.

Ways they are involved in the construction process

Often, a commercial contractor will have superintendents on their team to oversee what is going on day-to-day during a project. This person can check in with staff and fix any problems while they are happening in real-time. They are not responsible for finding subcontractors or ensuring the project as a whole is going according to plan. The superintendent also doesn’t fix big picture problems, instead conveying these to the general contractor.

When do you need to consult a commercial superintendent?

Usually, a commercial contractor will have superintendents on their team. This means you don’t have to hire one yourself. Even if you’re not responsible for hiring, there are times when you might want to consult a superintendent. If you’re visiting the construction site–or you’re operating business as usual during construction–and have a question about the project, the superintendent is more likely to be around to provide an answer than the contractor.

Basically, you can turn to a superintendent with any questions about smaller details or day-to-day operations, such as change orders or the punch list, while a general contractor is the person to go to with any bigger picture questions about a project, like applying for a construction permit.

Superintendents and contractors both serve important roles during a construction project, but these positions are different. Knowing the differences and when to consult each can ensure your commercial construction project progresses as smoothly as possible.

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