Commercial Lighting Trends to Pay Attention to in 2024

First impressions matter and lighting influences your customers and clients’ impressions when they first walk into your space. The right lighting fixture demonstrates the overall feel of your company, showcases your brand’s commitment to sustainability, and lowers energy costs. Check out these four commercial lighting trends to impress anyone who walks into your commercial space.

Sustainable lighting

Green is the new black, especially for anyone who is concerned about sustainability and/or being cost-effective. As more and more companies seek to make their workspaces eco-friendly, it’s not surprising that sustainable lighting has become a noticeable trend.

Sustainability and lower energy bills starts with the bulb. LED lighting and fluorescent lights tend to be the most sustainable option in the lighting industry and can lead to massive energy savings. Incandescent light bulbs, which use to be the industry standard, are dimming in popularity because they are not as sustainable as new lighting options and lighting technology.

But lighting which uses less energy goes beyond energy-efficient bulbs. In recent years, it has also involved choosing fixtures made from natural materials, including wood, bamboo, or imitation paper. In addition to natural materials, the design of the fixtures impacts sustainability. For example, leaf-shaped lamps or large wood textured patterns have become increasingly popular.

Minimalism and simplicity of shapes

Rational use of space has become a trend. Along with sustainability has come minimalism in lighting design. Lighting solutions with minimalist designs removes unneeded details and is budget-friendly.

Basic shades like black, white, and gray, in combination with simple shapes, combine to make a minimalist design that has an ultra-modern finish.One approach is to choose fixtures that create a contrast with natural materials. Color temperatures also matter. Downlights can dim a space and reduce energy consumption while utilize outdoor lighting through windows can make a space brighter by providing natural light.

Brass finish

Brass finish is starting to become popular again in all aspects of interior design. You find brass in vases, kitchen appliances, dressing tables, and, you guessed it, commercial lighting fixtures. It’s a wonderful way to finish your office space or healthcare facility with a touch of luxury and class.

Artistic chandeliers

Want an eye-catching detail for your interior design space? Consider a chandelier. Depending on the size and style of your room, a chandelier can be as extravagant or as discreet as you want. Often, chandeliers are good for more high-end commercial projects, such as a spa or jewelry store. Artistic chandeliers are a key way to create a distinctive style for your space and enforce your brand’s aesthetic through your office space.

Intelligent lighting controls

We’ve come a long way from “The Clapper.” Today, we have more advanced technology in the world of lighting. Intelligent lighting controls allow business owners to control how their space looks, feels, and functions.

Lighting control products from companies such as Lutron integrate with layers of light, allowing you to create your desired look. For example, Lutron Homeworks can be installed to give you the ability to control lights, blinds, and speakers with the power of your voice, smartphone, or wall-mounted keypads. They can also be installed in self checkouts to give people a visual cue when an item is scanned.

Intelligent lighting systems can also cut electricity costs. In commercial buildings, you can install high quality motion-sensor lights in less used spaces or have the lights in your entire space turn off after work hours. Depending on the lighting options you select, the light control can also turn on security lights as needed.

Lighting is becoming sleeker and modern-looking while also being more sustainable, affordable, and tech-controlled. Utilize these lighting trends to save money and be more sustainable while adding a modern, sleek edge to your space.

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