Do I need a full build out?

It’s been a minute since you last updated your space or you rented a new space and are looking to hire a contractor to ensure it captures your brand. Most likely, you’re wondering how much you should invest into construction. Do you need a couple small renovations or should you budget for a full build out?

This guide reviews when a full build out is needed and how it differs from a commercial renovation project. It also provides tips on how to find the right contractor for your build out if you’re based in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton Roads, or a nearby Virginia city.

What is a full build out?

We get so many questions about what a build out is and we get it–it’s a confusing term since the definition is not what it seems.

While it would be logical to think a build out refers to building a new construction project, it’s actually all the other stuff. It’s the process of transforming an already built space into an improved space for a new purpose. For example, transforming an old hair salon into a pediatrician’s office would be a build out.

Build out vs renovation

Isn’t a renovation also transforming a space for a new and improved purpose too? Yes and no. When you renovate a space, you do transform its look, but those transformations are smaller and more surface level than a build out.

Renovations cover smaller changes, such as changing the paint color or fixing the floor. A build out, on the other hand, could require a team to break down walls, completely reshape the space, and make other drastic changes which permanently change the interior of a building.

As you might imagine, a build out costs more and can take longer–but it can also have a bigger impact on your business’ revenue because it allows you to better capture the brand and ethos of your business.

When do you need a full build out?

Now that we know what a full build out is, when should you invest in one? You should consider a full build out if:

  • You are changing the entire purpose of a space, creating a USE change (think old accountant firm to pet store)
  • You need to reconfigure the space, including knocking down walls
  • You need to transform a space to capture a new brand ethos

Basically, you should invest in a full build out when you want to perform plastic surgery on a space, not just complete a building makeover.

When do you NOT need a full build out?

While you might already have an idea when a full build out isn’t needed, we wanted to provide a couple examples of times when you should opt for a few renovations instead:

  • Your space is run down and needs small, surface level improvements, such as a new coat of paint
  • You want to make minor adjustments so your space creates a better atmosphere for your project
  • You want to repair wear and tear

A full build out is a serious investment of your time, capital, and trust. That’s why it’s important to consider if you truly need one or if a few renovations could achieve your construction goals. With that being said, a build out at the right time (and with the right contractor) can completely transform your business and increase your revenue for years to come.

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J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.