The Ultimate Guide to HVAC Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important parts for your commercial building has nothing to do with the building itself, but with the air inside. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are what ensures your employees and customers are comfortable in your building. But like most things in life, you can’t install your HVAC systems once and hope they’ll work forever. They require routine HVAC preventative maintenance

But how often do you need to perform maintenance, what does maintenance consist of, and can you do it yourself? We’ll explore all this and more in this guide. 

What is HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

HVAC preventative maintenance ensures you can heat and cool your building throughout the entire year and it maintains the air quality in your building. Regular maintenance can even save you money since maintenance measures make sure systems are running efficiently, not adding extra money to your energy bill. 

To make things easier, here’s a HVAC Preventive Maintenance checklist:

  • Check for leaks in your air conditioner and heat pump

  • Clean the humidifier drain line

  • Clean the condenser coil in your air conditioner and heat pump whenever required

  • Replace the humidifier drain pipe whenever necessary

  • Check the temperatures of the coil and expansion valve in the air conditioner and heat pump

  • Adjust your furnace combustion to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck

  • Examine and adjust the furnace controls as necessary

  • Replace the furnace filters and make sure the burners are clean

  • Make sure everything is working properly with your air conditioner, heat pump, humidifier, and furnace

How often should you perform HVAC Preventive Maintenance?

Take out your calendars and get ready to mark two dates. That’s because HVAC preventative maintenance needs to be performed twice a year: once in fall and once in spring. In the spring, check your air conditioning to make sure it’s ready to take on the summer heat while in the fall, you’ll want to make sure your heater is in tip-top shape to fend off the winter weather. 

HVAC System outside house

Can you do it yourself?

Unless you have specialized HVAC education, it’s not recommended to do the two preventative maintenance days yourself. Instead, call a specialist in HVAC maintenance or ask your contractor for a recommendation. 

Between the two HVAC maintenance dates, there are a couple things you can do to keep the system running smoothly:

  • Clean any dust and debris away from the HVAC system

  • Hose down dirt that gathers on outside HVAC units

  • Check your air filters once a month

Final Thoughts

Checking your HVAC systems is like going to the doctor’s office for your annual check-up: tedious, but necessary. The two annual HVAC check-ups and the maintenance measures you make monthly ensure your system runs as efficiently as possible.

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