What type of commercial contractor do you need?

The right commercial contractor can build the future of your business on budget and on time. But the word right can be subjective, as there’s not one “perfect” contractor for everyone. To help you find your subjective perfect fit, let’s look at three considerations for finding the right type of commercial contractor for your project. 

Project Type

Your project type determines what type of contractor you need. You wouldn’t go to a residential contractor for a commercial project, just like how you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist if you needed brain surgery.

When looking at contractors’ websites and past projects, consider how many projects are similar to yours AND delivered your desired results. 

For example, a versatile project with many moving parts, such as condo complex renovation, requires a general contractor with a strong understanding of how to remove and reassemble because it can be complex. 

Shop Local

While we are big fans of supporting businesses local to Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach, shop local doesn’t apply to only your commercial purchases. You also want to choose a local contractor too. 

There’s a few reasons for this:

  • A local contractor understands the laws and regulations in your area. 
  • They have submitted permits for projects to your local government, meaning they understand the process and are likely to get permits faster. 
  • They are committed to building the future of your community, not running off to a project in Florida after they finish yours. This commitment often translates to better quality work. 
  • Their past clients are local, meaning they’ll be easier to contact for a reference before you hire that contractor. 

Virginia Beach on a map

Choosing a local contractor is an investment in your future, especially for a larger project like a build out or remodel

Pro-tip: when evaluating local contractors, use these guidelines from the state of Virginia.

Understands Your Future

While we touched upon this in the last section, this point is worth repeating: the right contractor understands your future. You’ll know a contractor understands your future when they ask questions about your business’ mission and vision–and how you visualize their work playing into that future. In the residential space, this could look like a contractor talking about your family’s needs in a renovated or new home. 

You can also explore their past to understand how they have served past clients. In our past project highlights, we always mention how the project captured the essence of the brand and what our client was looking for in their commercial renovation. 

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JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.