What is commercial renovation?

Commercial renovation is a term which is commonly thrown around in the construction industry. Understanding what it means and what types of projects fall into this category can help you determine how much of a budget you need for your construction project and can help you partner with the right contractor. Here’s what commercial construction means–and what it doesn’t.

Commercial Renovation Definition

The simplest definition of commercial renovation is a construction project which creates improvements to a space used for business purposes. This can include a wide umbrella of project types and commercial spaces where the projects can take place. This term is often confused with other similar terms, such as construction, remodeling, and even residential renovations. 

Commercial vs Residential

The first point of confusion we’d like to clear up is the difference between a commercial and residential construction project. A commercial project is one where a contractor and their team constructs, renovates, or remodels a space used for business. This includes healthcare facilities, independently-standing retail locations, restaurants, and stores in malls and shopping centers. Residential, on the other hand, refers to construction, renovation, and remodeling projects for privately used spaces. Usually, residential spaces refer to single-family homes and units. 

When looking for a contractor, be sure to check if they specialize in commercial or residential construction (a good contractor will work in one or the other) and select the right type for your project. 

Commercial Construction vs Renovation

Even within the world of commercial construction, there are many different types of projects and contractors. One of the most confusing points is the difference between construction and renovation. While construction can be an umbrella term which encapsulates renovation projects as well as other types of projects, construction often refers to building something new. This includes building a new office space, a road, or a public park. 

Renovation refers to creating improvements to the structure of the space or to help the space better embody the purpose of the building. This could include renovating an existing office space, road, or public park. When looking for a contractor, check to see if they’re in the business of constructing the new or in renovations. 

Commercial Renovation vs Remodeling

To make matters even more confusing, some contractors specialize in renovations and others in remodeling. While sometimes used interchangeably, these two terms refer to projects with different scopes. A renovation project includes minor touch ups to improve a space while a remodel means changing the structure of the building. For example, fixing a carpentry problem would be a renovation while building a new wall would fall under remodeling. Often, commercial construction renovation contractors will be able to complete both types of projects. 

How to find a contractor who specializes in commercial renovation

Just like with any contractor, the best way to find one who specializes in commercial renovation is to search for contractors online or ask a business owner friend for a recommendation. When interviewing potential contractors for a contract, make sure they specialize in commercial renovations and build outs, like Carlton Building Services does in the Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake areas.

Carlton Building Services in Hampton Roads Virginia

Carlton Building Services specializes in repairs, maintenance, renovations, remodelings and build-outs for a variety of clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake areas. We have years of experience handling projects in the retail, office, and healthcare space and would love to work with you on your next project!

To learn more about our services, check out past project highlights or contact Carlton Building Services to see how we can help with your next project. 

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J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.