The best condo remodel contractors in Virginia

If you were hiring a new condo complex manager, you’d want someone with relevant experience, good communication, and the ability to understand and uphold your brand. You wouldn’t hire the first person who applied or the cheapest option, because that would negatively impact the bottom line. When it comes to choosing from the many condo remodeling contractors in Virginia, the same level of scrutiny applies. 

To find the right contractor, here’s the five things you should look out for. Together, these five elements create the perfect contractor “resume” for a condo remodel contractor in Virginia. 

A Local Commercial Contractor

First off, you want a commercial contractor. Even though condos have many of the same elements as residential properties, a condo remodel contractor in Virginia needs to have experience managing larger projects than a single-family home or one condo unit at a time. A commercial contractor has this experience; a residential one does not. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of a commercial contractor for your remodeling or renovation, you can read this blog post. 

Second, this contractor should be local. While there are some national contractors who go up and down the East coast working on condo remodeling complexes, they aren’t always there when you need them and don’t understand the local laws around condo complexes in your area.

Local condo remodel contractors in Virginia are like the neighbor who’s always home when you need to borrow some eggs. They show up when needed, are only a phone call away, and can push permits for your remodel through faster because they understand the regulations.

A Commercial Contractor with Condo Renovation Experience

When hiring a condo model contractor in Virginia, look for someone with relevant case studies. This includes:

  • A commercial construction contractor with these green flags
  • Someone who has done projects in your area
  • Someone who can point to case studies of work they did for clients who had residents (such as our work with Commonwealth Senior Living)

condo renovation

The experience doesn’t necessarily have to be with condos, but should be on commercial projects at sites with residents. You should also consider working with a general contractor who specializes in renovations. Condo renovations usually have many moving parts and project types, and a versatile general contractor will best be able to tackle them all. 

A Commercial Contractor Who’s Good at Communicating

Remember when we were discussing that hypothetical office manager you’re hiring? You’d want them to be good at communicating about deadlines and problems with you–and be good at communicating with your residents. 

Any condo remodel contractors in Virginia you work with should be held to the same standard. For First Colonial Inn, they went with Carlton Building Services because we were local to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Hampton Roads and communicated the project’s timeline and deliverables well.

What they didn’t expect is that our team did an excellent job communicating about the balcony restoration with the assisted living community’s residents. 

Your condo complex also has residents who will be living there while the remodel takes place. Great condo remodel contractors in Virginia will go the extra mile to make sure your residents are happy and experience minimal disruptions during the project. 

A Commercial Contractor Who Builds Your Complex’s Future

Remodeling gives life to an old building, but sprucing up the place isn’t enough. Instead, you need a partner who understands how to give life to your vision. Any condo remodel contractors in Virginia you interview should ask questions about your company’s mission, the vision for the future, and how the remodel will support both. 

Before you go into an interview, you can check out the case studies on a contractor’s website to see if they discuss how they built the future of past clients. 

If you’re local to the Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach areas, we invite you to check out our past project highlights. If there’s a fit, contact us for a free quote. At Carlton Building Services, we specialize in the art of helping commercial clients, including condo complexes, build their futures.

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.