Three Signs You Need a Healthcare Building Renovation in 2024

After a tumultuous few years in healthcare, your entire facility or practice deserves a restful holiday season. And it’s possible you also deserve a healthcare building renovation. Renovating your healthcare facility can increase safety and feel more welcoming for patients and make space for new medical technology. 

But while the benefits are plentiful, it can be hard to tell when a renovation is due. Here’s three signs you might benefit from a healthcare building renovation in 2024. Read until the end for a quick guide to finding the best contractor for a healthcare facility in the Hampton Roads, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach area. 

Your space is outdated

It’s one thing for your carpet to look more 2014 than 2024. It’s an entirely different problem if you can’t maneuver new medical equipment around your space or have older floorboards that are a danger for patients, staff, and other visitors. 

First Colonial Inn, an assisted living community in Virginia Beach, had gotten a lot of use out of their units’ balconies…and the wear and tear showed. To ensure the safety and comfort of their residents, they contacted a local contractor to replace the balcony floorboards. As a result, patients had modern balconies which were safer than before. For healthcare businesses and medical practices, safety should be the first concern. Outdated spaces can be just as big of a threat as disease, if the damage goes too far. 

renovation blueprint

You need space for new Medical Technology 

If you’re investing in new technology for your healthcare facility, you need space to put it. Perhaps that space already exists (and that might be a sign you don’t need a healthcare building renovation next year). But if the space feels cramped or the technology can’t get through the door, it might be time to consider a healthcare buildout

You value preventative action 

In the wellness and medical space, exercising and a good diet are two preventative actions for better health. Minor paint touch-ups and other small repairs serve the same purpose for your space. 

If your healthcare facility wants to get ahead of any wear or tear before it causes problems (and a big construction bill), you’ll want to add some small repairs and maintenance work to your 2024 budget. 

Plus, preventive work means you’ll have a better relationship with a contractor in your area, should you need a larger project done. 

When the sprinklers broke at Commonwealth Senior Living in Hampton, Virginia on Christmas Eve, they already had a contractor on-call. This contractor came and fixed the damage from the sprinklers in 1.5 months, when other contractors would have taken 3-5 months. 

Is it time to update your healthcare space? Contact Carlton Building Service for a free estimate on your healthcare building renovation in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, or Virginia Beach.

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.