Renovating a condo complex in 2024? Here’s what you need to know about hiring a contractor in Virginia

It’s time to renovate your condo complex, but you’re unsure what contractor you should work with. In the best case scenario, you’ll find a contractor who can renovate your condo units in a way that increases rent prices while staying on budget and on time. 

The worst case scenario is a never-ending construction project that results in bad Google reviews from current residents. To get the former, you need to choose the right contractor for renovating a condo complex. 

Here’s five signs to look out for in a contractor for your condo complex. 

Go Commercial 

It can be easy to consider residential contractors for your condo complex. After all, each unit is a home with residential doors, windows, and features. 

But you’re not looking for a contractor to work on one unit. You need someone who can manage multiple units with many moving pieces, making your project fail under the commercial category. 

We’ve discuss the benefits of a commercial contractor when renovating a condo complex, but here’s the spark notes list of reasons you need a commercial contractor:

  • They can manage large projects
  • They have access to commercial subcontractors who can work quickly 
  • They have experience renovating spaces with multiple tenants 

Go local 

When choosing a commercial contractor, you want a partner who understands the local permits, knows structural engineers in your area, and can follow building code regulations. 

Along with understanding the logistics, a contractor local to your part of Virginia is invested in the local community. At Carlton Building Services, for example, we work to build the future of our community (the Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk areas). We want to see condo complexes in the area thrive because they are where our friends and family live. 

With a local company, you are condo units for their neighbors, while national companies see you as an invoice in Virginia. 

On budget, on time

Renovating a condo complex can get pricey, especially if they are surprises down the road. When searching for the right commercial contractor, pay attention to their past project highlights

Do they mention how fast they finished projects and how this compares to the industry standard? Are they discussing the budget and if they stayed within it?

90% of construction projects are over budget and/or over time, and that includes projects in many Virginia cities, including Virginia Beach, Chespeake, and Hampton Roads. If you take the time to find the right contractor, you can be in that 10% who isn’t.

kitchen in condo

Invest in the art of minimal disruption 

Nobody likes to be woken up to construction work or have to apologize for it in a Zoom meeting. That includes your tenants. Luckily, there are some contractors who can minimize disruption and renovate without disrupting residents. 

While not a condo, First Colonial Inn, an assisted living home in Virginia Beach, worried about the impact of their balcony renovations on their residents. Because they chose a contractor skilled in the art of minimal disruption, they received no resident complaints about the project. The contractor’s team even helped residents carry in groceries and perform other everyday tasks. 

Two Maids and a Mop found a similar result when they hired Carlton Building Services. They needed someone who could complete a full build out without interrupting their business. Thanks to Carlton Building Services’ experience with minimal disruption, they found a partner who could complete the job while they conducted business as usual.

Shop around

It might sound off for a contractor to tell you to look at more than one option, but like you, we only want to take on condo complex renovations that are a good fit on both ends. Before choosing a contractor, interview a couple. Gather estimates, observe contractors’ communication style, and watch out for other green flags

If you’re in the Norfolk, Hampton Roads, or Virginia Beach areas, consider getting a free estimate from Carlton Building Services during your search. We specialize in on budget and on time commercial projects, including condo complex renovations. 

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.