The ultimate guide to 2024 office renovations in Virginia

In 2023, your office grew by leaps and bounds. Maybe you took on more clients and now experience more foot traffic. Or perhaps you pivoted directions, and your space hasn’t changed with your business vision. 

Whatever the reason, office renovations in Virginia can build the future of your business. Here’s three signs office renovations should be a part of your 2024 business plans and budget. 

Your work format has changed, but your office hasn’t

Over time, the way we work changes. Sometimes our office spaces don’t keep up. 

Let’s say your office in Hampton Roads was designed with desks for each employee. Since 2020, you’ve adopted a hybrid work policy where only half the team is in the office on any given day. In that case, it might make sense for an office renovation to create more communal workspaces and repurpose some of the desk space into collaborative, hybrid meeting rooms. 

office renovation

Your business has grown 

Your current office layout worked great two years ago, but now you have double the clients, increased foot traffic, and more employees. You wish you could upgrade to a bigger space, but that isn’t possible. 

What is possible is to work with a contractor on office renovations. Together, you can create a new layout that accommodates your growth. 

While not an office space per say, Bonilla Pet Studio in Norfolk, Virginia discovered their pet photography business had outgrown the number of photography rooms in their space. With the help of Carlton Building Services, they were able to increase the number of private studios in the same square footage. 

Imagine if an office renovation in Virginia could expand the uses of your space without increasing your monthly office rent. 

Your space should serve a different purpose 

McCormick Law in Virginia Beach was happy with their office space, until their team grew and they needed a more collaborative meeting room with the feel of a modern law office. McCormick Law worked with Carlton Building Services to create a divide between the meeting room and break room. The contractor also added French doors to build a professional division between the two rooms.

With the right contractor, you can repurpose an old space to serve a new purpose. Your vision for the future of your company may be one office renovation away. 

Ready to build the future? Contact Carlton Building Services for a free estimate for your office renovation in Virginia. We compete on-time and on-budget commercial renovation projects for businesses in the Hampton Roads, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach areas. 

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.