Signs It’s Time for a Retail Renovation in 2024

Everyone has had a messy house before. Whether it’s because we’re busy running after our kids or have gotten behind on the household chores, life happens and homes get cluttered, outdated, and in need of a good mopping. If you own a retail business, it’s normal for your storefront to get messy at times too. When this messiness turns into a problem in need of repair or renovation., it’s time to reinvest in your storefront.

A retail renovation can increase foot traffic, persuade shoppers to purchase more and return often, and better capture your brand. Here are three signs it’s time for a retail renovation in 2024 and how to choose the best contractor for your project if you’re in the Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, or Chesapeake areas.

Your business has grown beyond your storefront 

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the past year and the overall growth of your business. If you find that your current space no longer suits the needs and growth of your business, it might be time to renovate. 

Bonilla Pet Studios in Norfolk, Virginia was growing fast. Their old space worked for pet photography when they had fewer clients, but now they needed to renovate so the space had more private rooms for pet photoshoots. By working with the right contractor, they created a more spacious studio with private rooms—without increasing the size of your space. 

Growth doesn’t always mean expanding to new locations. Sometimes it comes from updating your retail business’ current space. 

You’re ready to invest in your brand’s image

As a brick-and-mortar business, your physical space says a lot about your brand. When we rent out our first space, we can’t always afford renovations to make it reflect our brand. Or maybe you’ve owned your space for a while and it used to represent your business’ image, but it no longer does.

In either case, it might be time to invest in your brand’s physical space. A new space can capture your vision for the business’ future, invite more visitors in, and entice them to stay longer and purchase more. 

This was the case for Adele Diamond, a premier jewelry store in Virginia Beach. Their old store was dark and felt cramped, which wasn’t the best place to showcase their jewelry. After working with a contractor, their space captured the light, spacious elegance of the business. 

The financial investments of retail renovation 

Before you say yes to the renovation, you also want to make sure you’re financially ready too. The end of the year is a great time to assess your finances and what you can afford. 

Set a renovation budget before you start the project and grab free estimates from a couple contractors in your area.   

It’s been a while since your last renovation  

Shopping is more than just going to a store and buying a product; it’s an experience. When people come to a physical retail location, they expect guidance, warmth, and a relaxing space to escape into. If you haven’t renovated in a decade or more, that space may not be as relaxing and inviting as it could be. 


Two Maids and a Mop had a reputation for making Virginia Beach businesses spotless, but their own office had become messy from years of disrepair. By working with Carlton Building Services, they were able to make the space more inviting for staff and anyone else who might pop in. 

Since Two Maids and a Mop ventures to other people’s offices and has fewer visitors than many businesses, renovations weren’t as big of a priority. But if your retail space regularly has customers or clients, it should be updated regularly. 

Luckily, renovations can be quick and fit your budget. Contact Carlton Building Services for a free estimate on your commercial renovation project in Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach areas. 

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.