What do commercial construction projects in Virginia look like?

So you know your commercial space needs a renovation, but what exactly does that entail? While every experience is different, we can speak to individual commercial construction projects we completed on time, on budget, and according to the business’ future. 

A holiday sprinkle

On Christmas Day, the sprinklers broke at Commonwealth Senior Living. Luckily, they called our team, who was able to repair damaged drywall and fix acoustical ceilings. We also ripped up flooring and got it ready for the flooring subcontractor. The damaged electrical lines and fixtures, cabinets, crown molding, base board, and door casing were also repaired and/or replaced.

For most contractors, this job would take 3-5 months. Due to our amazing team and ironed out planning process, we completed it in 1.5 months. Plus, our client didn’t have to be involved in the planning, as our team took care of everything. 

Commonwealth Senior Living after the renovation
Commonwealth Senior Living after the renovation

The red carpet effect

Growth and change is natural in business. When it happens, you need a renovated space to match. That was the case for Pursuit, who wanted to give their store a red carpet feel. Our time divided the work into two parts:

  • Essential renovations: we laid the foundation for the project by updating the tile, ripping out old shelving and removing faux walls. We also skimmed, primed, and painted the walls that were left. Finally, we installed floating shelves with lights to highlight their amazing products. 
  • The red carpet feel: after finishing the basics, we added some glamor. By removing the tile and pouring self leveling compound and running epoxy, we were then able to run a red carpet from the front entrance to the back wall. We also installed floating shelves throughout the store and ran LED strip lighting underneath to capture the style of many basketball players and celebrities whose sneakers are featured on Pursuit’s shelves.

Not only did we capture Pursuit’s brand, we also finished on time (within two weeks) and under budget. 

Dealing with the unexpected

At first, our project for Adele Diamond seemed like a pretty straightforward renovation: update the overall feel of the shop to better reflect the modern elegance of their jewelry store. The project was on schedule to meet their Thanksgiving deadline, until a subcontractor pulled out at the last minute.

Thanks to our connections within the local construction industry, we were able to find someone else to finish the project before the end of the year. The cabinets from China came two days before their grand re-opening. To get Adele Diamond’s updated storefront open before Christmas, their team put those cabinets in the night before.

Adele Diamond outside

Up to code, ahead of schedule

Herb Savvy needed to update their space, but had only 2.5 weeks before they had to invite customers back into their space. The problem? The needed work would take most contractors a month.

Luckily, we were able to balance out what work we did and what work they brought other people in to do in order to meet their deadline. The end result met their expectations and the 2.5 week time frame.

Herb Savvy finished
Herb Savvy after the renovation

Small improvements, big impact 

First Colonial Inn has a long history of providing excellent care. And, like any loved space, there’s been some wear and tear to their residential facilities over the years. The main problem area was the balconies, which needed repaired from years of foot damage. 

Our team tore balconies to their trusses (aka the bare bones) and then brought in a trusted structural engineer to assess the trusses. Based on their insight, we rebuilt the balcony. We installed a new membrane walking surface, which can withstand a larger amount of foot traffic than the old balconies

While on site, our team looks for small improvements we can make along the way. At First Colonial, this meant repainting the balconies and helping residents carry in groceries. Carlton Building Services is a local partner, not just a contractor. 

First Colonial Inn balconies
First Colonial Inn balconies

Renovations that are here to stay

Carlton Building Services has a reputation as a contractor who builds projects that last. Norfolk Botanicals Gardens knew this and contracted us to complete two projects: their butterfly garden and gazebo.

For the gazebo, the wear and tear had made it practically unusable. With the help of a structural engineer, our team assessed the damage. All of the posts, railings, and facia board had to be repaired. We also repaired numerous trim pieces and restained the gazebo with two coats. As we made the repairs, our team didn’t just bring the gazebo back to working condition–we improved it so it would last even longer than the previous version.

For the butterfly garden, our team reinforced the butterfly enclosure with a CMU block and replaced the rotting wood. We also built a chrysalis house, which enlarged the space and gave their team more space. 

The Craft of Commercial Construction Projects

When you look at all these commercial construction projects, they share a few similarities. Mainly, they are completed on budget and on time. They are also high quality craftsmanship, meaning they will last for years to come. 

If you’re looking for a commercial contractor who truly understands the craft, your budget, and your schedule, partner with a local partner like Carlton Building Services. Check out our services to see how we can build your future together. 

JP Carlton

J.P. Carlton

J.P. Carlton is the founder of Carlton Building Services, a Hampton Roads-based construction company.